Monday, September 13, 2010

Un-Incumbents Gather

Underdog Candidates Cheer Each Other On

So says The Star: about the event organized by Mayoral candidate HiMY SYeD at the Dovercourt Baptist Church on Dufferin and Bloor Street West today.

Held from 11am to 1pm, it was admittedly a little hard to attend for all those candidates running in wards in which there was no incumbent councillor running, but it was timely for the media who were able to get their stories at a good time.

At official close of nominations Friday, Sept 10, 2:00pm: There are 41 candidates running for Mayor and 279 candidates for City Councillor across Toronto's 44 wards. According to political watcher and ideas promoter, Dave Meslin, there are 8 wards with no incumbents.

Whatever the result of this October 25th vote, THERE WILL BE CHANGE at City Hall of an unprecedented fashion.

Not only did I get to meet some candidates from other areas of my city (like Bruce Baker running in Ward 32 Beaches-East York and 22 year old William Molls running in Ward 22 St. Paul's) as well as chatting with fellow competitors for ward 18 (Ana Bailao and Hema Vyas), I was able to learn about some great social networking tools that will help my neighbours and I know who stands for what in this election (see below for links).

Thanks to HiMY SYeD, who has a Facebook page at: , for his civic-mindedness in providing a great forum for those of us who dare to challenge and advocate change at City Hall.

Social Networking Resources:

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