Sunday, September 12, 2010

Preliminary List of Issues

Setting the Agenda 2010

In November, 2009 a forward looking city councillor, Joe Mihevc (ward 21 St Paul's: ) created a website inviting people to determine the policy issues Torontonians care about - moving from the 'who' to the 'what' as he put it.

A lot of interesting debate, suggestion and ideas germinated there. I encourage people to look at the individual inputs, some of which are my own and helped me think about what might be done better in our city.

The list started with broad categories, some then broken down into sub-topics:

* Accessibility
* Anti-Poverty Strategy
* Arts and Culture
* Community Services and Engagement (including day care, libraries, seniors services, parks, forestry,recreation, etc)
* Cycling Infrastructure
* Democratic Reform and Civic Engagement
* Economics and Finances
* Green Infrastructure
* Hard Infrastructure (including streets, water and waste water, sidewalks, green infrastructure)
* Jobs
* Parking (including paid on street, permit and residential off street)
* Party Systems at City Hall
* Planning and Development
* Public Health
* Public Spaces, Clean and Beautiful Cities and Urban Design
* Seniors' Issues
* Taxes
* Transit Future
* Youth Issues

It seemed that political personality was taken out of the discussion and pure ideas and concerns were explored.