Friday, September 17, 2010


Mayor Miller Campaigns for NDP Kevin Beaulieu in Ward 18 Davenport

I just returned from Dufferin subway station where Mayor David Miller took it upon himself to blatantly sell incumbent NDPer Adam Giambrone's former Executive Assistant (and also an NDPer endorsed as well by others of the leftist persuasion on city council), Kevin Beaulieu, as THE choice for voters here.

You might say, "What's wrong with that? A citizen can endorse anyone he pleases" ... as Mr. Miller said to me.

Three things:

1. Yes, that's true, but Mayor Miller IS THE MAYOR and not an ordinary citizen, at least for a while. He doesn't even know who is running in the ward (there are 12). He told me he didn't know I was running. I asked him not for an endorsement but if he would contribute to my campaign.... He said he'd look into my platform. I take strong exception to an outsider telling us who to vote for, especially someone with the weight of the Mayor's office. This is a LOCAL race, not the Mayoral race. David had his chance for that.

2. I witnessed David hopping on and off TTC buses waving Beaulieu's campaign literature greeting the 'folks' as MAYOR and telling them to vote Kevin, all the while waving campaign literature. This is expressly against Toronto Transit Commission Bylaw 1, subsection 3.16: No person shall a) display, offer, distribute or place handbills, signs or notices or any form of written or printed matter on or in TTC property without authorization. This is also a contravention of city election laws and I shall be filing a formal complaint.

3. Mayor Miller's judgement in backing Adam Giambrone, as well as Adam Giambrone's judgement while in office - and his continuing the legacy of "passing the torch" to his endorsed candidate Kevin speaks volumes. We had a 'tin ear' councillor who was selectively deaf to local issues. How do we know we're not getting another? Especially since Kevin was inexplicably quiet and let David take all the heat for his interfence in the local ward race.

... * side note: Mr Miller spoke to me telling me how rude it was "to interfere in someone else's campaign" ... I responded by reminding him that he didn't much appreciate the provincial government getting involved in the city election a while back. How is this different? Power from on high exerting muscle in a local race?

I want to be very clear here. I am not attacking Kevin (except perhaps for his silence and strange behaviour: his signs are in blue and white, traditional conservative/Rob Ford colours, yet he is as orange NDP as they come)... I resent power brokers like Miller interfering in local democracy. Frankly, I don't care who voters choose, as long as they know there are 12 people running and that they can make their own mind up. Respect the voters, sir and BUTT OUT !

* Update: CBC late night TV news had a short clip - me shouting "Who the hell do you think you are throwing your weight around here!" (there was much more substance not covered, but I guess TV goes for the drama, as always). Wonder why CBC neglected to identify me as a candidate - or do they have a bias?

Also interviewed much later from the safety of her campaign office * on Dundas West, candidate Ana Bailao says: "There's a LOT of people not happy with what's happened here over the last seven years. So with those people it certainly won't help him"... CBC called Ana Kevin's "main rival".... Thanks CBC for trashing the TEN others also running and making up the minds of ward 18 voters! ( * I saw Ana there but she ran away as soon as there was any confrontation. Was she just hoping to be seen with the Mayor too? Is this what we can expect at city council if she gets elected ? )

CBC news says Ana "doesn't mind him calling in a little extra support" referring to Miller using his office to promote Kevin.... ummm.... Ana? You think it is okay for power brokers from outside our ward to tell our residents what to do? Is it because you have the same complications with your support? I really want to know.

We don't need advice from you, Mr. Miller.... because: