Tuesday, September 28, 2010



Today Sarah Thomson who was polling badly (7% ) behind Rob Ford, George Smitherman, Joe Pantalone and Rocco Rossi threw in the towel and urged people to vote for George Smitherman. (Ms. Thomson will still show up on the ballot but a vote for her would be wasted now - unless you want to show sympathy)
Now it seems the two media proclaimed FOUR frontrunners are Rob Ford with George Smitherman close behind. In other news, respected former federal NDP leader Ed Broadbent has endorsed Joe Pantalone. Rocco Rossi is still - Rocco Rossi.

How did our "Diversity is Our Strength" Toronto end up with two old white (and rich) guys looking to be our mayor in 2010 (kind of like it was in the 50's)?

Image from the Better Ballots website: http://www.betterballots.to/index.htm

There are still going to be 41 names on the ballot for Mayor come October 25th voting day. Despite numerous debates (50 now, 30 to go?), we never hear from any of the others in any key debates. City TV/CP24/CityPulse is certainly NOT what it used to be! It no longer represents the whole city and can no longer be proud of its stance on equity and equality. Other mainstream media has also been unhelpful in letting voters know about all the choice.

At least tomorrow night's Arts Debate will include one of the media-missed people: James di Fiore. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 at Baillie Court The Art Gallery of Ontario debate from 6:00pm to 7:30pm (doors open at 5pm). http://torontoist.com/2010/09/we_support_the_arts_we_vote.php "Toronto invests $18 per person per year in this sector" behind the $25 they seems to be asking for.

For me, I guess I am still uniformed. In 2001 a city study says the arts contribute $8-9 billion to our economy. I find that hard to believe but would like to know more about this study. I shall continue to educate myself. I am not with the extreme of those who call city support of artists "sugar coated welfare", but nor am I with the other extreme of let's give them everything they want.

The city's financial picture is unclear. I think it important to find out what money is in the kitty before committing it.

* Update: Still learning from the ever-knowledgeable HiMY SYeD, a candidate for Mayor who attended the first 10 person mayoral debate in Swansea tonight! William Peyton Hubbard? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Peyton_Hubbard There IS hope for Toronto!