Friday, September 24, 2010

Ana Bailao Leads By Following?

Ana Bailao Jumps on Platform Bandwagons - AFTER THE FACT

1. Dundas West BIA PARKING Issue:

See Open file story "Bailao Wants More Parking for Ward 18"

In my recollection, the taking away of parking from the Dundas West BIA happened a LONG time ago and has been a hot issue since. It was raised at the very first candidates' debate in the ward on May 18, when that BIA acknowledged that they had supported incumbent councillor Adam Giambrone but (like so many of us) had lost faith in him over time. Answering a question about what candidates would do about it if elected, Ana dodged the question, only saying that she knew they had lost 42% of their parking, that businesses had lost money and that it was difficult for people to stop and pickup cakes because they get tiocketed.

Why didn't Ana take the position then that she espouses now? Opening her campaign office in that area, with this Sept 18 announcement smacks of OPPORTUNISM in my view.

(To be fair, most candidates waffled a little on the question, Ken Wood (me) stated that the immediate solution is for the city to compensate businesses for the disruption; Kevin Beaulieu said we shouldn't punish streetcar riders; Hema Vyas agreed consultation was lacking; Kirk Russell said grants, a street festival, sidewalk improvements would help - but at least Kirk committed to restoring Dundas parking - put it on his website long ago.)

2. "Better Transit for your $3" issue:

Got the (hmmm... Hema Vyas' campaign colour?) - YELLOW - flyer proclaiming Ana will improve transit and give 'the best service'.

In it, Ana promises no more St. Clair boondoggles...push for federal/provincial fair share funding...go with the PRESTO fare system (of course! Ana IS a Liberal!)...Bring back street parking on lanes...electric trains...environment friendly vehicles... In short - everything everybody's been saying for a long, long time. Kind of like motherhood and apple pie now, isn't it?

Well I guess Ana's feeling safe that she's the frontrunner now and will only risk committing to things everyone else has already. Doesn't that tell the voters how she will stand up for us in city council? Act only when others have already agreed?

I don't really know Ana personally, and I am left with relying on many of the same past experiences. A party loyalist who acts after the fact, and joins the herd rather than leads.

EVery time I tyhink of Ana the phrase 'Ana the Opportunist' comes to mind.

Voters: please choose wisely. ONE VOTE, ONE FUTURE.
Make sure its the future you want..... because....

Davenport Deserves Better !