Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pick a Peck of Mayors

Which Mayor Candidate Shall I Choose ?

Those in the know say that we voters pay little attention to city elections until after Labour Day (Sept 4). I say we never really know just who these Mayoral hopefuls really are and what they will do to our city until the last 8 weeks of the (way too long) 10 month campaigning.

Only now can we begin to piece together what their election platforms are and be able to see the differences in our choices. (Toronto Observer is trying to give all profiles here: ) . There are 41 candidates, including 5 the media dubiously calls 'front-runners' and a lot of interesting 'so-called fringe' candidates. There have been a LOT of soft debates that few of the public have paid attention to. Voter apathy? In 2006, voter turnout was only 39 per cent across the city...

Here's what I have have gleaned from the Mayor campaigns so far (and will update as I can):

(* Listing in the order they actually registered to run for Mayor;... 'so-called front-runners' in red)

1. Achampong, Rocco (Jan 4): Website:
(Video interview: )
CP24 info:
A lawyer and former President University of Toronto Students

2. Campbell, Douglas (Jan 5): BlogTO: info: Old school left wing activist from the thirties. Came in sixth in 2006 election with 4,183 votes (out of 584,484 votes cast for Mayor = 0.7%)3. Hossein, Monowar (Jan 4): Ran for TDSB school trustee in 200, for mayor in 2003 and again in 2066, where he got 2,726 votes or 0.5% of vote. Concerned about food and housing issues. 4.. Letonja, John (Jan 4):
"The new Mayor has to have balls." 5. Rossi, Rocco (Jan 4): Corporate executive, major Liberal Party fundraiser for Michael Ignatieff. 6. State, Mark (Jan 4): Political writer of essays on Remedial City Politics. Came in dead last in a field of 38 candidates in 2006 mayor race with just 194 votes, or 0.3%. 7. Thomson, Sarah (Jan 4): Business entrepreneur, owner of Women's Post.8. Ghazi, Abdullah-Baquie (Jan 5): Full of many ideas, including lower taxes and TTC fares. 9. Magee, Colin (Jan 6): Build subways, bike lanes, more events on the islands.

10. Andrews, Don (Jan 8):
(anti-Rob Ford, sings on his web site) Founder of National Party and was once jailed under hate laws in the seventies. Incendiary rhetoric. 11. Smitherman, George (Jan 8): Former provincial Liberal Party cabinet Minister of Health
...WITHDREW: Yeung, Sonny (Jan 8): Last ran in 2003 in Ward 41 and came second with 25% of vote. Has a Masters of Commerce degree, lives in Scarborough. - Withdrew on Sept 10, last day

12. Pampena, Joseph (Jan 13):
13. Pantalone, Joe (Jan 13): Joe on video helping Toronto set Twist Dance Record July 25, 2010: On city council since 1980, recently was Deputy Mayor, longtime NDP Party and pro-Miller supporter. Defends need for streetcars, Transit City 14. Babula, George (Jan 15): Parkdale Party ? 15. Gomberg, Howard (Jan 15): 16. Firth, Selwyn (Jan 29):
17. Cole, Keith (Feb 16):

18. Castillo, Jaimie (Feb 23): Came in fifth in 2006 mayor election with 5,215 votes (out of 584,484 votes, or just under one per cent) Born in Peru, promotes multiculturalism issues.

19. Ford, Rob (Mar 15): Has been on city council for 10 years, lots of controversy, most often votes no to motions, wants to "Stop the Gravy Train at CityHall". A Mike Harris clone

20. Wadhwa, Ratan (Apr 6): Actor and Charlie Chaplin impersonator, he ran for mayor in 2003 and again in 2006 and got 696 votes or 0.1%. Called for legalizing prostitution and cannibis, free condoms and viagra, and creation of a red lightdistrict.
21. Clarke, Kevin (Apr 30): ? withdrew Mar31 then re-registered ? "A homeless man with a penchant for public outburts" Ran for mayor in 2006 and got 2,081 votes or 0.4%, coming in twelfth place.
22. Cottle, Charlene (May 20):

23. Syed, Himy (May 25): Was registered to run for city councillor in ward 19 but withdrew May 25 (Video interview: ) On twitter:

24. Steinberger, Timor (June 3): On Twitter:

25. Vallance, David (June 10): Ran for mayor in 2007 and got 486 votes (0.1%). Retired financial planner who formed the Bloor-Annex BIA in 1996. Concerned about taxes

26. Flie, Michael (June 30):

27. Walker, Daniel Rev. (July 6):

28. Ball, Christopher (July 9):

29. Taylor, Phil (July 12):
30. Dewitt, Lee (July 14):

31. McMillan, Jim (July 19): Last ran for city councillor in ward 18 32. Di Fiore, James (Aug 10):
Charged under Elections Act ? 33. Goodhead, Barry (Aug 13):
On Twitter:

34. Derome, Gerald (Aug 25):
(Video interview:
On Twitter: Ran for mayor in 2006, getting 578 votes or 0.1% Self-described "Global Social Engineer" concerned about sharing of economic welth with the poor.

35. Epstein, David (Aug 25):Website:

36. Macklin, Carmen (Aug 25):

37. Sarma, Vijay (Sept 2): Youtube video: 38. Alexander, Michael (Sept 9): A filmmaker whose political hero is Pierre Trudeau, Came in 4th in the 2006 mayoral race (after Miller, Pitfield, LeDrew) with 5,247 votes, or just under 1% of the 584,484 votes cast.

39. Brausewetter. Michael (Sept 9):

40. Tang, Weizhen (Sept 9): ? The Chinese Warren Buffet ? Alleged fraud artist running for mayor:

41. Diane Devenyi (Sept 10): The vitual mayor ? Email:
... Meanwhile, back in Mississauga, HAZEL McCALLION
is going for term TWELVE ! ... at 89 years old