Friday, September 10, 2010

Community Consultation Still Sucks in Ward 18

West Toronto closing holds a public meeting but no one is told ?

I live right across the street from West Toronto, have been to other meetings in which I dutifully filled out forms with my contact information, emails, etc. requesting to be kept apprised and notified of developments, yet I hear about a so-called "public meeting" a day after it occurred via someone else's 'tweets'? (Ana Bailao "Public Meeting about the future of West Toronto Collegiate Aug31" As usual, no notice in my mailbox (or any of my neighbours). This is how citizens feel disenfrachised and fed up with politicians who cannot communicate and show respect!

*Update* Email from Maria Rodrigues, our school trustee: She claims 8000 notices were distributed. There are briefing notes forthcoming. Staff recommendations are to sell to a co-terminus board and to move the West Education offices - something Maria said she did not support. Maria proposes a third option: to make West Toronto a "Program of Choice" school, along with adult continuing education and as a community hub for sports and other programs.
This all goes to the Board on NOVEMBER 10, 2010 at 5050 Yonge Street. Anyone who has questions or input can contact Maria at:

Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club Scandal Brewing ?

They (Who? the board alone?) have reversed their decision to open a facility at 45 Ernest Avenue. This comes after a long term lease expired at 21 Randolph, and after much community protest and promises of support by current city councillor Adam Giambrone (which included his executive assistant and 'heir-apparent' candidate, Kevin Beaulieu.)

A lot of anger and frustration is being vented on the Junction Triangle website: eg. "Kids Don't Matter?"

This while feel good news is being touted about successful fundraising?

It's confusing to figure out just what's happened and who is at fault and the rumour mills are working overtime. From what I can tell, there is city (taxpayer) money in the project (at the very least loan guarantees), the local community there has strongly spoken out and asked for city councillor help, and those associated with Giambrone are scrambling to deflect criticism. There appears to be confusion and poor communication by the 16 member board of this (it seems) private organization? Why isn't this listed as a registered non-profit on the Canada Revenue website? Lots of questions here....

Their websites: