Monday, March 7, 2011

Starting Lineups for #TOCouncil

You Can Tell the Players by the Scorecard

Thanks to Matt Elliott (On Twitter he is  @GraphicMatt ) here is a LINK to his weblog Ford For Toronto  A Broken City, A New Mayor, Crazy Antics which tracks voting patterns by Toronto Council's 44 councillors plus Mayor.

It really tells you who is on whose team (so far at least). Here is my own interpretation of Teams Blue, Red and Pinko.

100% FORDITES ("Ford Nation" ?):
(In decreasing order of likely loyalty and blind hero worship)

1. Mayor Rob Ford
2. Doug Ford (ward2: Etobicoke North
3. Giorgio Mammoliti (ward7: York West)... Head cheerleader.
(" I just agree(d) with the mayor"...He is in thrall to Dark Lord Ford LINK)
4. Doug Holyday (ward3: Etobicoke Centre)...deputy mayor
5. Mike del Grande (ward39)...budget chief
6. Denzil Minnan-Wong (ward34: Don Valley East)
7. Michael Thompson (ward37: Scarborough Centre)
8. Frances Nunziata (ward11: York-South Weston)...Speaker
9. Karen Stintz (ward16: Eglinton-Lawrence)... TTC Chair
10. Ceasar Palacio (ward17: Davenport north)
11. Norm Kelly (ward40: Scarborough Agincourt)
12. David Shiner (ward24: Willowdale)
13. Peter Milczyn (ward5: Etobicoke-Lakeshore)
14. Paul Ainslie (ward43: Scarborough East)
15. Michelle Berardinetti (ward35: Scarborough Southwest)
16. Gary Crawford (ward36: Scarborough Southwest)
17. Vincent Crisanti (ward1: Etobicoke North)
18. Frank di Giorgio (ward12: York South-Weston)
19. Gloria Lindsay-Luby (ward4: Etobicoke Centre)
20. Mark Grimes (ward6: Etobicoke-Lakeshore)
21. John Parker (ward26: Don Valley West)
22. Jaye Robinson (ward25: Don Valley West)
23. James Pasternak (ward10: York Centre)
Mushy Middle, Leaning Right Now

24. Chin Lee (ward41: Scarborough-Rouge River)
25. Josh Matlow (ward22: St Paul's)
26. Josh Colle (ward15: Eglinton-Lawrence)
27. Ron Moeser (ward44: Scarborough East)
28. Ana Bailao: (ward18: Davenport South)
Note: Another blogger sees the middle swing votes as 4: "Matlow gives every appearance of being less Ford friendly, let’s call it. Yet based purely on their respective voting records so far, there is nothing to warrant such distinction. There hasn’t been that much daylight between the votes Matlow’s cast and those of Ana Bailão, Josh Colle or Mary-Margaret McMahon. Could it be Councillor Matlow’s talking out of the left side of his mouth but voting from the right?" LINK---

* Update: Got this email about Ana:
Budget votes were also confusing ...As you remember Councillor Bailao told a community budget meet that she would not vote to cut bus routes, but when the issue came up through Councillor Perks Feb. 23 motion..
12:11 Bailao voted against motion to restore $3 million in cuts.To be fair in addition to $2.6 million of bus routes, the motion also included $100,000 in library & $75,000 for tenant defence cuts & adult rec programs, however bizarrely..
On Day 2, 4:38 pm Bailao votes against Library cuts, And then votes against cuts to tenant defence
Votes consistently inconsistent - Roger

*UPDATE: the "Mighty Middle" ? "Josh Colle is trying to build a “Mighty Middle” that could, at the very least, corral enough votes to persuade the left and right to compromise more often....Mr. Colle has been chatting informally with some of the other freshmen about how the middle-dwellers can use their sway to make council function better. He’s eyeing a few veterans too, namely Etobicoke’s Gloria Lindsay Luby and Scarborough’s Chin Lee and Raymond Cho...(add: Ana Bailao, Mary-Margaret McMahon, Josh Matlow. Michelle Berardinetti, Jaye Robinson)

... this in response to Mayor Ford Cheat Sheets to whip votes
* UPDATE: National Post article
Left Wing Kooks/Pinkos:

29. Mary Margaret McMahon (ward32: Beaches-East York)..borderline pinko?
30. Raymond Cho (ward42: Scarborough-Rouge River)
31. Maria Augimeri (ward9: York Centre)
32. Shelley Carroll (ward33: Don Valley East)
33. Glenn de Baeremaeker (ward38: Scarborough Centre)
34. Paula Fletcher (ward30: Toronto-Danforth)
35. Mary Fragedakis (ward29: Toronto-Danforth)
36. Mike Layton (ward19: Trinity-Spadina)
37. Anthony Perruzza (ward8: York West)
38. Kristyn Wong-Tam (ward27: Toronto Centre-Rosedale)
39. Janet Davis (ward31: Beaches East York)
40. Sarah Doucette (ward13: Parkdale-High Park)
41. John Filion (ward23: Willowdale)
42. Adam Vaughan (ward20: Trinity-Spadina)
43. Joe Mihevc (ward21: St. Paul's)
44. Gord Perks (ward14: Parkdale-High park)
45. Pam McConnell (ward26: Toronto Centre-Rosedale)

SO... unless there is stronger cohesion on the left, meaning a left leader (like Gord Perks) wins converts... Rob Ford will have his way with the city.