Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ford Allies Not Feeling the Love?

Mister Crankypants Strikes Again...

Letter to the Editor, Toronto Star
Re: Ford’s whip won’t last, Editorial March 13 the link

Come on Toronto Star, your reporters, cartoonists and editors have had a cheat sheet on what to write and what to illustrate, including not-so photogenic pictures of Rob Ford, his staff or his supporters. Who are you kidding?

Everyone sees the bias you have had and the near hysteric support of George Smitherman. You showed chutzpah when after the election you provided “advice” as if to be all knowing of how Mayor Ford should conduct himself and his administration.

Make sure you pass on your cheat sheet to the “free lunch” crowd at City Hall.

Mike Del Grande, Councillor, City of Toronto  (and budget chief)

Tweet: City Slikr @goldsbie My ? Has Cllr Del Grande always been this bitterly partisan or is he suffering from a little Ford fever?...Frankly the whole Ford administration is suffering from a massive persecution complex.
Tweet: Del Grande's specific annoyance is that a Star editorial called him "unimpressive" Link

Meanwhile, in other right wing news... Tweet: suckersarestuck JM Lots of yellow cops on bikes. Smallish anti police protest....Around 50 protestors, maybe 100+ cops completely surrounding protestors now marching down bay....Looks like a police parade then an anti police protest....Seeing that many cops in that location brings back harsh memories from last June....everyone on the streetcar was laughing at how excessive the police presence at the protest was... maybe people are getting it?...