Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Special Meeting to End Run Democracy

Daniel Dale Crowd starts laughing loudly when Ford says "this is democracy at work." Speaker Nunziata warns them against "outbursts."

kellygrant1 Kelly Grant Wow. I think this might be the most packed I've ever seen the council chambers

Daniel Dale Ford: "not about who did what and who didn't," rather about rebuilding public confidence with a fresh start.

Michael Shapcott No evidence of criminal fraud at #TCHC, confirms city auditor #topoli #tocouncil - so why extreme measures of purge of entire #TCHC report

Daniel Dale Nunziata interrupting Carroll's questions to the auditor: "We do not have the auditor's report before us." Carroll: "Yes, that's my point."

Michael Shapcott Council speaker rules that no questions can be asked about #TCHC audit - even though audit is stated rationale for purge of board...

Torontoist Interesting fact: though council is voting to remove the TCHC board, they haven't even officially received the auditor general's report.

Torontoist It was leaked & won't formally come before council (via exec & audit cmtes) until later this month. Staff admit this is all unprecedented.

Torontoist Speaker Nunziata has ruled that the auditor general's report, in fact, is not the subject of today's debate—out of order to ask ?s about it.

Anrea Houston Groans echo thru gallery. MT @kellygrant1: Ford now says new brd won't be in place till May or June. Last week it ws within month #tocouncil

Kyle A So essentially the Mayor is saying we'll have a Case Ootes dictatorship at TCHC until May or June #tocouncil

Toronto: Ford said he didn't fire anybody on TCHC board. They resigned. Er. But Ford told them to get lost. #TOCouncil

Andrea Houston McConnell speaking while Rob Ford stares her down. He's starting to sweat and his face is looking closer to colour of red tie.

Nunziata: coun. McConnell please sit!! You're out of order. Like the audience, I will tell you to leave

Michael Shapcott Cllr Perks: No committee has considered audit, so are #TCHC board members being purged without cause? Great question...

: Cllr Peruzza asks the critical questn of Ford: Will you support limiting Ootes' powers in anyway? Answer: Nope

nowtoronto: This meeting looks like may get ugly soon. #TOCouncil Mayor losing control. Stumbled over responses to Layton questions.

Councillor Fletcher suggests everyone flails their arms as opposed to applause. Yes, let make the int'l symbol for PANIC!

Greg Smith .@Ward18AnaBailao wants to send #TCHC tenants a message that they have a place at the table in this process

NiceDriveway I think a little piece of Spkr Nunziata dies every time she can't cut off Cllr Perks mic when he brings it in under time.

robcer Cllr Cho's (sound) point: how would his resignation for "political show", only to be re-appointed, "restore public confidence"?

LifeonQueen Fragedakis' motion to defer so that #TOcouncil committees to do their job fails to pass 17-25.

accozzaglia To DM Holyday's way of thinking, the 4 remaining TCHC board members are besmirching the reputations of those who've resigned.

Kristyn Wong-Tam: "I'd like to know where you got the authority to make an amend. on an art. of incorporat'n w 15 mins' notice for a $6bn company."

Robert Cerjanec Cllr Augimeri gives a great speech on how wrong this process is and how she has been thrown under the bus for no good reason.

11:44pm Council finally starting to vote on the many motions

Matt Elliott McMahon & Colle vote with the mayor. Everyone else votes as expected. 25-18, motion to dissolve board carries. #TOCouncil

Jonathan Goldsbie And now the cries of "Shame!"

Andrea Houston OH in gallery: "SHAME ON THIS COUNCIL! Get a backbone!"
Have to wonder why Councillors Shiner and Moeser are not there for votes... Michael Thompson makes a motion to excuse their absence (they are sick someone says)

12:01am March 10 Meeting is adjourned.

 michaelshapcott Disappointing day for democracy in Toronto. TCHC board dissolved w/ no opportunity for TCHC residents to have their voice heard. #TOCouncil

Jonathan Goldsbie  Fletcher says: "A whole new interpretation of one man, one vote."

NOTE: For a real change, ANA BAILAO did not blindly support the Fordites at this meeting.

Tweet I sent: @Ward18AnaBailao Thanks for not blindly siding with the Fordites tonight Appreciated by your constituents who did NOT want Ford for Mayor (most of the ward)

Guess I'll have to change her colour to RED again.

*    The actual votes are HERE


Update: This Toronto Star story tells us:
"Doug Ford thanked the tenants for attending but said their views were unrepresentative. “Folks, I’m telling you, there’s no one that cares more about the folks at TCHC than Rob does,” he said. “Out of the 164,000 tenants that are in TCHC housing, I see maybe four or five hundred, which — I appreciate you all coming down, but there’s 163,500 that’s saying, ‘Move forward. Let’s have a clean slate.’”

... Maybe those 163,500 #TCHC tenants need to protest at Nathan Phillips Square?