Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Running for Election - Again

Toronto Humane Society Elections are coming: May31
I am a candidate running for election to the board of the *new* Toronto Humane Society. My name is Ken Wood.

The 123rd Annual General Meeting of The Toronto Humane Society will be held on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at 6 p.m. at 11 River Street   Weblink is HERE

There are 15 seats on The Toronto Humane Society Board of Directors; five are up for election at the 2011 AGM. Directors are elected by the membership and serve for a three-year term.

Tim Trow and his own slate are running for election as well. I certainly hope they do not get back in, since tremendous damage was done to THS by Mr. Trow's actions. Should any of them be successful, it only means discord, disruption and possible dysfunction on the board. I believe those loyal to the Trow way of doing things are: Bob Hambley, Ian McConachie, Tony Marner, Margaret Ann Johnson. They represent the scandals of the past, in my view. Some of the entries on this, my blog, dealing with Mr Trow and THS and my views on animals are: here , here , here , here , here , and here.

If any of you reading this are members, please support me. Mr. Trow has traditionally relied on securing proxies of members who do not attend the meeting (which is a legal course of action), but often those same members are not aware of what has and is happening at THS.

This is my bio:

Ken Wood is a longtime animal caregiver who has had pets since he was a child. He believes that animals teach us compassion and caring for other human beings as well. Familiar with not for profit organizations and governance issues, Ken has served as a board member on the Daily Bread Food Bank and Mainstay (supportive) Housing. Ken recently ran as a city council candidate to highlight the need to update our animal bylaws and recognize the need to spay and neuter our pets. He says the biggest challenge facing the Toronto Humane Society has become fundraising and the urgent need to reach out to a new generation of those that care about animals. We must ensure a stable and vibrant THS for now and into the future.

Tim Trow might recall me looking something like this back when I was protesting his reign over the THS:


* Update: Surfing for latest information on Toronto Humane Society on twitter and came across this link:
Day in the Life of an Animal Care Worker. Also, in recent news this: Day in the Life: City Animal Care Officer.  And in related news: Pet Police Knocking on Doors ...

Notice the difference? In one case, animal caretaker gets paid $11.50/hr, while the City run Toronto Animal Services Bylaw Officer get paid  between $62,150 and $70,054 a year (about $38/hr). Makes you wonder why the gravy train is still running in Ford nation....