Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bad Guy Tim Trow Toronto Humane Society Just Won't Quit

How On Earth Did I Become Tim Trow's Friend?

Remember? Back on May 29, 2009 when the big scandals at the (old) Toronto Humane Society broke, in a news story by Globe and Mail's Kate Hammer, investigative reporter, entitled: KILLING THEM WITH KINDNESS. It was followed by more and more terrible revelations about mismanagement and animal mistreatment and neglect. Police raids occurred, people were arrested and the OSPCA spent months doing investigations and restoring the shelter to an acceptable state.

I attended this rally in the rain on June 20, 2009 along with many other upset animal lovers:
After this rally, I was threatened with a lawsuit by Tim and THS for saying they did not spay/neuter adopted out animals (it was true, so nothing came of it)

Then, in November 2009: Five people named in the search warrants are being arrested and charged with criminal offences based on the contents in the search warrants, which were executed.:

• Tim Trow, THS President, will be charged with Conspiracy to Commit an Indictable Offence (2 counts), Cruelty to Animals (2 counts), and Obstruction of a Peace Officer (3 counts).

• Gary McCracken, THS General Manager, will be charged with Conspiracy to Commit an Indictable Offence (2 counts), Cruelty to Animals, and Obstruction of a Peace Officer (3 counts).

• Dr. Steve Sheridan, THS Head Veterinarian, will be charged with Conspiracy to Commit an Indictable Offence and Cruelty to Animals.

• Andy Bechtel will be charged with Conspiracy to Commit an Indictable Offence (2 counts), Cruelty to Animals, and Obstruction of a Peace Officer (3 counts).

• Romeo Bernadino will be charged with Conspiracy to Commit and Indictable Offence (2 counts), Cruelty to Animals, and Obstruction of a Peace Officer (3 counts).

• All of the above, as well as the THS Board of Directors, are also being charged with five counts of animal cruelty, a provincial offence under the Ontario SPCA Act

The charges stem from an investigation that was launched in early 2009 in response to allegations of animal cruelty. The OSPCA conducted the investigation with the help of private investigators from The Investigators Group under the authority of the Ontario SPCA Act, 2009. Under the Act, the OSPCA is responsible for enforcing animal cruelty statutes in Ontario. It is also responsible for overseeing animal welfare shelters such as local humane societies.
A completely new board was elected after the courts ordered it (Tim Trow was playing fast and loose with proxies, notices and correspondence to ensure he stayed in power as long as he did).

We thought Tim Trow was gone for good.

The old board resigned en masse in April, 2010. Toronto  Sun article reports: "Justice David Brown put the THS on notice, warning it’s the third time in less than 25 years that the courts have had to deal with complaints against the Toronto society. “I emphasize the need for continued vigilance and diligence by the THS, its board, staff and members, in reforming their animal care practices,” Brown said."

A new board was elected in May, 2010.

Then - on August 16, 2010 all charges were dropped! CBC news story - due to technicalities and irregularities in the search: "Ultimately, the Crown has concluded that the lawfulness and execution of these warrants were seriously flawed to such an extent that the Crown would be unable to successfully tender the evidence seized during these searches," the prosecutors wrote.

SO.... what does all this have to do with today?
Well, I got this friendly letter in the mail from my old pal Tim:

Perhaps hard to read, but it goes on...and on about how terrible the new board is (they are not) and seems to be advocating for support to return him to his previous dictator position. Here is a link to the content of the letter.

Now, how did he get my address? I was a member several years ago and only took out membership again last fall after the new board was elected. Isn't this abuse of personal information, since Tim is no longer in charge?  (I have an inquiry in to THS).

Oh how I wish Tim could simply be rejected for "poor character" like this story.

Update: Here is the link to his new website: "created to help the animals".
Yeah, right. More likely created as a revenge vehicle by this seriously screwed up guy.

Update:  From a Toronto Sun story March 18, 2011 ...
Continuing Toronto Humane Society dogfights have resulted in the latest CEO’s axing — not just from the job, but from the beleaguered agency.

Garth Jerome’s dismissal prompted two volunteer board members to quit in protest, the Toronto Sun has learned. Sources said Friday the new board appointed Jerome, a well-respected, well-liked veteran THS biologist, as an administrator last summer.“He did his best, but was not an experienced supervisor,” one source said, adding Jerome was required to dismiss several employees.

Instead of him getting another THS job, he was replaced by an interim CEO., Board treasurer Ian Wintrip and member Garnet Siddall then quit.A permanent CEO’s appointment is expected at the society’s annual meeting May 31.

Siddall said “the trigger” for her resigning was “the decision by the board to terminate Garth’s role.“I had been working closely with Garth on a project and felt that he was doing his level best to make the THS a better place,” she wrote in an e-mail, adding “he could have had a future there.”
Siddall and 10-month president Michael Downey cited confidentiality for not disclosing reasons for Jerome leaving.

In a February release announcing interim CEO Christopher Barry’s appointment, Downey said “over the last three years, we have gone through incredible change,” so the board decided the THS needed “a new management.”Jerome, who Downey said he met recently, “is doing very well” and is helping interim CEO Christopher Barry with undisclosed projects.He denied rumours of the 25,000-square foot River St. facility being for sale.Jerome was not expected at home until late.

Almost one-third the THS’s members resigned after an Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals raid in November 2009 in which then-THS president Tim Trow and chief veterinarian Steve Sheridan were arrested.Accused of animal cruelty, their charges were dropped last August.Other employees were barred, but some returned while the OSPCA ran the facility, where animal numbers were reduced.

Several staffers were dismissed after a new board’s election last May, led by OSPCA supporter Linda MacKinnon, who campaigned as part of the small Association for the Reform of The Toronto Humane Society.MacKinnon, who referred an interview request to Downey, was described by sources as combative and unpopular with many employees.

One source said disgruntled members are trying to get Trow re-elected. New THS bylaws are expected to be announced March  ian.robertson@sunmedia.ca

Update: National Post article April 5th Ex-President of Humane Society Set for Return

Update: Toronto Start article April 5th Former Toronto Humane Society President Decries New Board