Sunday, April 3, 2011

Closing the Election Campaign

My Campaign Literature From the Election Campaign

Someone suggested I should have posted my campaign literature on the blog, as a kind of record of why I was running and what ideas/issues I had hoped to have an impact on.  Here they are:

My First Attempts, using the "Tree Guy" photo one of the newspapers published when I chained myself to a tree to save it from clear cutting during the Lansdowne narrowing fiasco in 2007 (you could say I fought city hall and - surprisingly - won!):
The business card I took to using.... >

Using the 'new me' photo, after a $67 hairtcut, hair colouring and shave... I agonized over this decision to 'look normal' like other candidates, when why I was running was to represent the marginalized poor.

Text of  the very first Pamphlet I Had Sent Out:   CONTENT !

I am running as a candidate for Toronto City Councillor for our ward because I believe we need someone who not only listens to our residents but also informs them of city actions that concern them and  consults  before  actions that affect us are taken.   Please support me.


* RESPECT FOR RESIDENTS: We need to consult more with people before actions are taken

* TAXES and BUDGETS: We need to become better, smarter and more open at planning as a city

* DEMOCRACY: We need more fairness in how we elect those who represent us. More choice. Term limits.

* BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE: We need to make our city more pleasant to live in. Better parks like Dufferin Grove that allow community involvement. More accessible, low cost and reliable public transit. Bike lanes that share the road intelligently with cars. Respect for pedestrians. Cleaner air, electric not diesel trains. Protect housing for families and tenants. Build safer, more secure communities. Better animal control and pet bylaws.

* POVERTY, HUNGER, HOMELESSNESS: We need to take more steps to reduce poverty, hunger and homelessness in our city. Too many of our neighbours are suffering. Many are working, but still poor. Food banks are being overwhelmed and are just a bandaid solution. There are still too many without a home.

VOTING day is Monday, October 25, 2010. In the last election (2006), only 35% of eligible voters actually cast a ballot while city-wide turnout was only 39%. Please VOTE ! Election signs are not permitted until October 4

Did You Know?

- One-third of the households in our ward have an income under $30,000.

- There are over 180 languages spoken in Toronto. In our ward, less than 40% of the people said English was their mother tongue. 25% of the ward speaks Portugese. Other languages include Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, French, Punjabi. We are, like the whole city, very diverse and come from different cultures
I ASK FOR YOUR SUPPORT: Donations may be sent to: Ken Wood,  3-355 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto Ontario M6H 3Y2.  Maximum donation allowable is $750, but any amount is welcome. Receipts will be given and rebates up to 75% on donations over $25 will be refunded by the city within a year.  You may also contribute goods and services.   I also welcome volunteers to help with the campaign.  Thank you for your attention.  - KEN WOOD


It would actually be a good idea, it occurs to me, to have ALL candidates who are elected required by law to post their election campaign materials, complete with promises, so we can all hold the winners accountable !

As I posted in this blog just prior to voting day:

KEN WOOD - I'll leave it to others to describe or remember me in this election.

All I know is that when I first registered to run 20 minutes before we knew if Giambrone would run in the ward or for mayor, what I wanted was:

1. To See Adam Giambrone out of office (Thanks, Adam)

2. To have an impact on the issues and nature of the debate in the ward

3. To offer a real choice to voters of someone truly independent

4. To contribute to increasing voter response and turnout

5. To test myself to see if I could be more than what I was

On the Junction Triangle website , I was happy to get this praise:

"Most Surprising Platform:  Hands down this belongs to Ken Wood. His platform was the most detailed on municipal issues that relate to the average citizen. When Ken calms down and stops chaining himself to things he has some good ideas. I found that I agreed with almost all of his ideas to some extent and I encourage people to look again. If he stays focused on ideas then he has something to contribute via his blog. Special kudos for being basically the only candidate to state clearly that poverty is an issue and that not all ward residents have the relative luxury that I have. As well if we had a Hunter S. Thompson look a like award he would get it."  By Scott D.