Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lots of Local Issues Coming Up

I've spent several days just walking around the ward, talking to my neighbours, snapping cellphone pictures and generally just getting an up to date feel for what's happening in my local area. Nothing beats just walking around to find out what is really going on.

I've also been following the news about the city budget, the mayoral race and the ever present big city TTC issues.

What strikes me most is how our mainstream news producers like to beat stories to death and seem to set the agenda for what should be most talked about in the city. While this sometimes helps and is noble in intent to involve citizens, it more often than not deflects attention away from neighbourhood issues and perhaps even turns people off participating in the political process. (Witness the Adam Giambrone never-ending soap opera - is anyone tired of it yet?)

Here just a few of the really local things ward 18 voters need to be aware of:

  • CATS, CATS, CATS - Have you noticed how many stray and abandoned cats we have in our back alleys, back yards and industrial areas? There is an excellent documentary film called CAT CITY by Justine Pimlott that really tells the story well. (You can see a short trailer here: or check out the Facebook page about it ). There are TENS OF THOUSANDS of cats roaming our city, due primarily to irresponsible owners who do not spay or neuter pets then abandon or lose them. It is a crisis our city council is ignoring. We must have a city response: bylaw to require spay-neuter of all pets, the only exception being certified bona fide breeders. We need more low cost spay neuter clinics, in downtrown Toronto.

Stay tuned for more blog posts. I intend to develop a real platform of issues that voters can debate and decide upon. Issues, not spin is my promise and intent. Let's take local democracy to heart and decide our own future, together. No more self-centered or complacent leaders who tell us what to do.