Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7 City Council Meeting Log

What Happened: A Blow by Blow
(Since I am immobilized by a leg injusy, I am followingfrom my home computer)

9:32 am Meeting called to order by Speaker Frances Nunziata.

Mayor Ford is going to spend the whole meeting wearing an O'Connor Blues shirt (This is the football team that beat his own Don Bosco Eagles. Photo op. Sign of Rob Ford growing into his new role: he declines to wear the pom-pom hat when it is offered to him. (Tweet by goldsbie)

9:41am Krystyn Wong-Tam making a statement about the big fire at Yonge/Gould. A thank you to fireefighters.
* Update: Police Confirm Fire was Arson

9:44am Adam Vaughan makes statement about Sgt Russell being killed and makes motion for City Council to unanimously pass motion to name park after him. Speaker says you cannot do this until community council deals with it.  (grandstanding...? Vaughan is a veteran and should know this)

9:47am Giorgio Mammoliti waxing on about community centres needed as he delivers report on Community Development and Recreation Committee. Highlights childcare needs.

9:48 Councillor Michael Thompson presents Economic development meeting report.

9:51 Councillor Paul Ainslie presents Government Management Committee

9:51am Pam McConnell makes point of order asking about medical needs for homes fro the aged. Told to wait.

9:52am Cesar Palacio presents  Licensing and Standards Committee report. Educates colleagues on what the committe does. Making a longggg speech... Gets his five minutes in. Dog and cat licensing fee could be abolished this year, according to licensing committee chair Palacio.

9:57am Peter Milczyn presents Growth Management Committee and mentions ANA BAILAO was elected Vice-Chair. Praises the work he and the committe does.

10:00 Denzil Minnan-Wong presents Public Works and Infrastructure report. David Shiner is vice-chair.

10:00am Mark Grimes presents Etobicoke York Community Council and takes a shot at Palacio (I won't be as long)

10:01am Maria Augimeri presents North York Community Council report (also takes shot at not being as long winded as Palacio)

10:02am Paul Ainslie presents Scarborough Community Council report. Very quick.

10:03am Gord Perks presents Toronto and East York Community Council report.

10:03am Vote to accept reports unanimous (42) Missing from meeting: Karen Stintz, Lindsay Luby, John Parker.

10:04am Declarations of Conflict of Interest. (several) Councillor Colle makes a 'ridiculous motion' according to Speak Nunziata as he says he has a conflict of interest on the salary raise issue for councillors. Josh Matlow also says he has a conflict. Speaker Nunziata rules them out of order.

10:08am Receiving petititions. Lindsay Luby and Stintz still not there.

10:10am  RM 3.6 Review of the Order Paper. No urgent items identified by the Mayor. Speaker Nunziata once again explains the rules to councillors. Palacio has a hold on urgent item about Pan Am games and the Child Care Task force. Shiner holds Toronto Public Library items.... Councillors can hold items of importance to them so they are there to discuss.... Interestingly Palacio and Mammoliti don't seem to be paying attention to who is holding what as they are too busy chatting elsewhere.... lots of administrative details being worked out.

10:24am A vote! on CC3.2  2 True Davidson Drive - Official Plan Amendment, Rezoning, Site Plan Control Applications carries unanimously.

10:26am Pam McConnell brings motion to adopt motion (2/3 needed) about medical devices needed... ?
* Did I just see Ana Bailao slap seatmate Michael Thompson's wrist from showing her how to push her vote button? a little hard to be sure from home.... ?

10:31am Vote on adopting the order paper and adjustments made: Adopted unanimously 40 in the chamber in favour. Normal re-educating of councillors on how to add motions without notice done by Speaker Nunziata. Now theyy START with agenda.

10:33am EX2.1 (Executive Committe) Interim Authority to Issue Debentures during 2011 and Authority to Enter into Lending Agreements with CMHC  (Ward All)   URGENT... Stephen Harper making big loan available ($22 million) to cities for subsidized housing loan. Always practical Ron Moeser asks about what the interest rate is (about 3.8%, considered very low).  Mammoliti asks if there are any conditions attached to the loan. Only for capital purposes must come via city to TCHC. Vast majority of money is specific to Regent Park development. Mammoliti asks when did city recognize they needed $22 million for this. Answer - came from TCHC board meeting. Mammolitis asks if city is guaranteeing the loan - answer no, just a technical thing coming through the city. Mammoliti asks why it is coming through the city then? Answer Canada Mortagage requires it go thru the city... kind of dancing around the question. Maria Augimeri asks how Regent Park was chosen for the loan. Answer: don't know. Augimeri asks what other projects benefit? Answer don't know... so Augimeri holds down the motion. Pam McConnell asks leading questions to point out it is just to ensure a better rate and slyly suggests in her question this is urgent and money will disappear unless they approve it now. Ron Moeser asks some technical questions about priorities, City bureaucrat has no answer. Moeser continues to ask questions on effect on budget, confusing answers.
10:45am Vote on the amendment to the item Carries unanimously (only 39 in the chamber now)
10:46am Vote on main item as amended... unainous 39 again.  WOW! 12 minutes on a $22million item.

10:48am Cesar Palacio asking questions about EX2.5 Toronto 2015 Pan/Parapan American Games Capital Facilities and Investments (Ward All) URGENT... about need for soil remediation... involves recommended additional City funding of up to $47 million (something Ford says he was 'blindsided' on).

10:53am Technical problems.... buttons Councillors use to get on speaking/questioning list is not working

10:54am  David Shiner asking questions about costs and estimates. Why so off? Answer: we were rushed and had to make a guess...

- Tweet ddale Councillors were recently told that the city needed to provide 21 million extra to accommodate inflationary increases...Holyday, back on his anti-BMX-track horse, asks staff how many BMXers there are in city. Answer: max 1,000.

11:03am  Michael Thompson asking questtions... making a speech really about this being a fine investment.

11:04am Kristyn Wong-Tam asking question about issuing tender for soil remediation. City bureaucrat says 'we told you about the risk' Points out alarming documents about how the city is on the hook for all kinds of liabilities.City answer - not happy with what they got from Pan Am corporation and other levels of govt.

- Tweet: Daniel Dale A group of cute little kids just arrived in the gallery. They are listening more intently to Michael Thompson than most councillors. (St. Matthews School)

11:09am Mark Grimes is not buying that back then they did not know about cost increases. Have to deliver site by April 2012.  Still will support it.

11:11am Item was held by Cesar Palacio, so now he gets his time to speak on it. Pan Am Games will bring great benefits.. sounds like a Pan Am commercial. Mentions his frustration that the previous adnministration knew all along about the need for soil remediation.... here we go, blame the leftiy Millerites! Ties in Bloor Street reconstruction, Transit City, etc. We have been forced in a corner at the eleventh hour. Why does this happen? I voted for this in 2009 because of the information I had back then. (duck and cover political maneuver)... I hope this is the last "Fiscal Fiasco" we have to encounter. I support it.

11:16am Mark Grimes speaks and supports it. We have to clean up the soil at some point and we have a partner who will pay for it. Worth it because we'll have a great aquatic centre. (He is very concise and coherent and makes his point without droning on)

11:18am Michael Thompson speaks. Makes an amendment. Takes offence at people blaming staff who could only deal with the information they had at the time. Another commercial for how great Pan Am games will be for Toronto.... This guy really sounds like a future Mayoral candidate who speaks very well.

11:24am Paul Ainslie now speaking. "This is an amazing deal for Toronto and for Scarborough" - Tweet David Nickle: In the meantime, Paul Ainslie says Pan Am Games not a "great deal" for Toronto, but "amazing." Cost overruns be darned.

11:27am Paula Fletcher speaks in support of the motion, makes an amendment about reporting on TTC access. Great opportunity to clean up contaminated land. Emphasizes importance of making sure people can get there without cars.

11:31am John Parker confirms his support. Waxes on about his youth swimming at Hart House. Main benefit is ongoing asset after the games. Great for the University of Toronto. - Tweet from goldsbie: Councillor Parker refers to the Hart House pool as an "oversized medieval bathtub."

Side Note: Josh Matlow just posted Twitpic of his voting buttons:

11:35am Doug Holyday speaks. Takes shots at people who won't be riding bikes to Pan Am facility. Tweet from Daniel Dale: Holyday motion: find "more central site" for BMX site...and if that doesn't carry, delay decision til after public meeting.  (Holyday really hates cyclists it seems) Talks also about garbage sites and how they need ongoing care - Concerned the monies normally taken from reserve funds will be depleted quickly on this site. ... oops, talked too long. Motion for an extension to speak. Unanimous.... hmm, only 31 in the chamber out of 45, only 69% of councillors there. -Tweet Daniel Dale: Says we shouldn't rip up 7.5 acres of parkland for bike track for very few people - "youth." He is unhappy.

11:44am Mary Fragedakis asks procedural question to makes ssure she knows what she'll be voting on.

11:44am Josh Matlow asks why he wants an extra public meeting - Holyday doesn't want to have to go to constituents with a done deal decision. Matlow asks about what BMX event is all about and asks if he has an alternate place in Toronto to put it. Holyday doesn't know.

11:46am Raymond Cho asks question. Pins Holyday down saying he hears him supporting project but what if your constituents do notr want it. A: Still support it.

11:47am Adam Vaughan speaks in support of the Pan Am games. Takes a shot saying the BMX facility if it were built in Etobicoke, having the facility there would generate the attendance. Gently castigates other Councillors who didn't read the wrning signs in previous reports. "It's our project and it's our time to do it right"

.... Notice from a few limited camera shots that those not speaking look really bored....

11:53am Giorgio Mammoliti speaks and makes amendment to indicate the BMX facility could be in an 'alternate' site (like his ward 7) and not 'central' as the motion said. Mammoliti goes on about how the suburbs get so little attention. - Tweet from Daniel Dale: Mammoliti: his part of the city never gets considered for projects like the BMX track. Why, he asks "because there's a lot of poor people?" - Tweet: Rahul Gupta

Does anyone on #TOCouncil grandstand as well as Mammoliti? Man should write a book
BREAKING NEWS TWEET from CBC : The City of Toronto says it has officially started work on a plan to open up garbage collection to competitive bidding. Reporters on press row just got release re: private garbage. City estimates 300 positions will b affected

11:58am Mark Grimes points out that Councillors have no say on where Pan Am Games facilities go.

-Tweet: City Slikr Actually, most of Dep. Mayor Holyday's yammerings can be summed up as Get off my lawn! #TOcouncil

12:00 noon Speakers done, Time to vote on motions. Holyday's motion asking city to look for "more central site" for BMX course loses 29-12. Second Holyday motion at least seeking public meeting on BMX site also fails, 27-14.

--- lost my link to Rogers telecast at this point ---

12:10pm Now Item  EX 2.9 Filming at Frat Houses. Adam Vaughan upset that his ward not included in consultations on this complicated issue.... ( Seems like s silly nany-state overkill if it really does affect only 6 or 7 properties in the entire city ) Link to background on the item -Tweet: Rob Granatstein NFC - No Fun Council. #Toronto Councillor wants to stop frat houses from being used as film sets since frat houses use proceeds for keggers A. R. Arvelo McQuaig  Another Tweet: Ugh, Shiner says of Vaughan, “I'd be only too happy if he got another job.”
--- Meanwhile another tweet: "We’re going to be outsourcing everything that is not nailed down" -- Doug Ford, as quoted in the Toronto Sun this morning.

12:29pm Mary Fragedakis introduces bill ... only 29 voting reps there right now, rest 'out to lunch' ?

12:30pm  --- Council Recess until 2:00 pm ---
... Noticed Ana Bailao drinking her Tim's coffee and chatting with ever present lefty pinko recruiters Gord Perks and Shelley Carroll.
Tweets on Council stuff during the lunch break:
Goldsbie Ford says we won't have another garbage strike like the one that crippled the city "last year."
Matlow At Mayor Ford's presser re: privatizing garbage collection. Whether supported or not, announcements before voting are never a good thing

Majot Mayoral Announcement: Ford Moves to Privatize Garbage Collection "The City of Toronto intends to expand curbside garbage pickup of “all daytime residential curbside collection west of Yonge St. to the Etobicoke border.” Even if city council approved contracting out more garbage collection, no change would happen until mid-2012.
Rob Ford made city-wide garbage pickup privatization a core promise in his election campaign. RICHARD LAUTENS/TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO

2:04pm About 5 or 6 councillors in the chamber milling around
2:07pm Speaker Nunziata calls people to take their seats.
2:09pm Quorum (Ana Bailao still not back from lunch along with many others)

2:10pm CC3.3 item moved by Joe Mihevc.
2:11pm ah - here comes Ana Bailao. Joe's motion carries 31 unanimous. 14 councillors missing.
... more quick release items... Karen Stintz and Gloria Lindsay Luby still missing all day.

2:22pm Back to questions aboutfilming at frat houses. Michael Thompson asking.
-Tweet: David Nickle  Should frat houses not be allowed to have film shoots on their premises, to stop them from using the proceeds for wild parties? Hmm.
Michael Thompson pointing out its a silly moratorium and how is it different from other businesses. WHy do we need a 2 month moratorium to sort things out...Tweet: Daniel Dale In talking about film shoot moratorium at frat houses, Thompson notes he used to be a frat brother. "CONFLICT, CONFLICT," colleagues shout.

2:26pm Kristyn Wong-Tam asks if the moratorium would affect film industry coming here. Answer: yes it has 'an' impact. Wong Tam tries to redefine answer as hurting film industry.No.  Speaks about "early morning shouting and human defecation".

2:29pm Gord Perks speaks about how city council can refuse a bar for bad behaviour to change it
Perks is an expert in proving his point via smart questioning - much like a lawyer who only asks questions when he knows what answer he will get to build support.

-Tweet: Daniel Dale Adam Vaughan believes frats are using the proceeds from film shoots at their houses to fund boozing and boorish behaviour.

2:34pm Pam McConnell asking questions. Is moratorium a significant economic impact within the area.Staff says moratorium or threat negatively impacts external perception of Toronto being not business friendly.

2:37pm Peter Milczyn questions.Staff answer: Frats are not businesses, just a co-op housing of sorts. Clear that staff confused as to whether city licensing and standards can do anything about them.

2:40pm  Joe Mihevc suggests amendment to leave moratorium for 2 months so local councillor can sort things out. Only 6 of 24 frat/sororities are a problem. A deferral motion.

2:41pm Mike del Grande will not support deferral. It affects the arts community and gives city a bad name. Ourcity needs economic prosperity.

2:43pm Shelley Carroll speaks, takes shot at del Grande saying she hopes he will support the film business (as he hasn't in the past). Kind of irritable towards Speaker Nunziata who tells her to stay on the item.
Carroll fears Toronto Film Board will be axed by Ford.

2:46pm Michael Thompson speaks to support the deferral.(hmmm... not a right block with del Grande) Again, Thompson is a very accomplished, diplomatic speaker.... member of the sensible party?

2:48pm Joe Mihevc's amendment being voted on to ensure tv show "Being Erica" can continue filming as an exception. Carries 26-11 and is deferred. The no's all on the Fordite right wing block. =Tweet: Daniel Dale Council votes to extend moratorium on film shoots at a handful of frat houses for 2 months; gives community time to work things out.

2:50pm David Shiner asking questions about budget alocations for libraries.Complaining about use ofconsultants, etc.

2:56pm Vote on Toronto Library Capital Budget. Caries 34-1 (Moeser a no)

2:57pm Shiner EX2.12 Toronto Public Library 2010 Capital Budget - Technical Adjustments as of October 31, 2010  Carries 34-1

2:58pm Maria Augimeri complains about what Palacio will do with an amendment, needs to have staff answer questions.

3:00pm Ana Bailao speaks! CD1.6 Childcare Development Task Force. Expresses confusion on getting staff answers in time to vote.Michael Thompson also expresses confusion. more confusion.

3:02pm Cesar Palacio tries to explain what uis happening.Doesn't really say anything. ends with "But 'that's the way to go'" .... what ?

3:03pm Adam Vaughan speaks and putrs forward motion. Explains a hell of a lot mre about what is going on. - Tweet: Diane Dyson George Brown argued against universal public education because "schools for poor would be poor schools" 1850s .... Vaughan speaks about risk and tragedy for city's children if its not done right. "Buil;d daycare not off the balance sheet but what the children need" Argues for regulation and examining history. "Who ran on a campaign to make daycare cheaper and less safe? No one".. Passionate speech about 'Think ofthe Children'.

3:09pm Speaker Nunziata chastizes Vaughan for not following procedure with his motion by giving notice.

3:10pm Mammoliti makes motion to move this to a Mayor's task force under him. Says he is insulted by others references to motives. Childcare doesn't belong to those on left or right. It's all of us. Winding up into big speech. Complains about Paula Fletcher heckling he is yelling. (he is). Tweet: Daniel Dale Mammoliti yells at Fletcher for accusing him of yelling, says he's not yelling. Tweet: Goldsbie Mammoliti moves his new "Childcare Task Force" be referred to the mayor to become the Mayor's Childcare Task Force, chaired by Mammoliti.... promises he might include people like Adam Vaughan.... Mammoliti goes overtme and asks for more time to speak. Carries 34-1 (Mark Grimes said no)...Mammoliti says timing iis good given upcoming provincial and federal elections.

3:18pm Shelley Carroll asks what is your interpretation of the reporting pathway when something is referred to the Mayor? (wants to know if council gets cut out of the action or it could be delayed). Mammoliti says bringing back to Council and/or Executive. Prefers it that way. Carroll wants it more open.

-Tweet: Good catch: "@goldsbie: Mammoliti prev. said (task force) would be chaired by a member of (his cmte.) other than himself." Now him.

3:21pm Adam Vaughan tries to pin Mammoliti dowen to ensure it is open, transparent and includes public input.... Mammoliti basically answers "Hey. Trust us" - many councillors do not. Mammoliti talks about 'flow out' of info, Vaughan says you want to punt it off to Mayor, what about flow IN ?

3:25pm Ron Moeser speaks. Questions timetable for huge undertaking. Mamoliti says before the prov/fed elections need recommendations. Within 4 months. 'That's ambitious' says Moeser. Mammoliti seems very full of himself, ttrying to speak for the Mayor. Moeser asks smart questions about getting other members on the task force from other levels of govt.

3:28pm Joe Mihevc asks if he can ask Mayor questions on this issue since it would be his task force. No, he's not chair of committee. ooooo....Mihevc says "we need a man of greater level to answer questions" (at least I think that was his zinger. Mihevc then tries to tie Mammoliti to specific recommendations. Mammoliti ducks it.
---- During all this, I could see Mike Layton chatting with his assistants and not paying attention ---

3:32pm Josh Matlow speaks. His style is to start with the positives, trying to charm Mammoliti. "What signals can we give to partners we already listed in recommendations, how can we ensure them they will be included in task force"? Mamoliti's response is all about controlling costs for task forces.'Perhaps' your suggestions will be considered... and we'll let you know..... Will you at leastcommit that this will come back to us? Mammoliti answers basically 'there's a new sheriff in town. get with the program' Don't worry be happy.

3:37pm Janet Davis says she is still trying to understand Mammoliti's intentions.... Do you still support it? Answer: I've never changed my vote on anything..... duck, dodge....Why don't we do what you and the committe have already agreed to? Mamoliti: The administration at city hall has changed. (says he is trying to be diplomatic, read between lines: Ford put his foot down). Davis: Then why not defer it for a month and work things out.Answer: don't want to defer it. Davis: Why did you agree to everything before and now everything's changed. Mammoliti: confirms it was a Ford directive.

3:42pm Gord Perks Are you willing to amend your motion to explicitly do what the committee already did. No answer. Will it go to Committee meeting? No, to Executive.... Speaker Nunziata reminds Perks he is not in court and let Mammoliti answer..... Perks: Are you prepared to amend your motion to make a specific timetable? Yes.

3:44pm Perks makes Point of Order quoting city council rules that he cannot do this to attempt to defeat the motion by moving it to the Mayor. Asks for ruling it is out of order..... 2 seconds later, Nunziata says it is in order. No conference with clerk.... What amazing bias!

3:46pm Chair has been challenged. Vote: 19 yes, 16 no. ANA BAILAO voted YES which seems to pretty much end the debate that she is on the Ford right wing of Council, Sad. I would have voted NO. And only 35 people voted, 10 ducked out of vote. Time to chanmge Ana's colours to ANA BAILAO right wing conservative.

3:52pm Raymond Cho asking some questions of Mammoliti who tries to remind him that he always supported moving things to the Mayor's task force.

3:53pm Joe Mihevc puts forward amendment to Mammoliti motion Delayed.

3:54pm Move to Ron Moeser for 2 mins of questions. Says he will support motion.

3:57pm Joe Mihevc makes amendments to ensure specifics of committee work already done is included. Fears straight deferral to Mayor will mean cost cuts. Let's just do what the committee already agreed to.

3:59pm Adam Vaughan speaks. Suggests Mayor just wants to hide it and help Stephen Harper from having issue discussed during election. I don't feel comfortable sidelining council into the Mayor's office. Reminds comment "What happens in the Mayor's Office stays in the Mayor's office" (the dispute between Ford's former assistants). Nunziata cuts him off and tries to say his comments not on the issue.

4:02pm Shelley Carroll speaks and says Vaughan's concerns have a history and have merit. It's about the rules and how things went down before. Its about the anxiety and reporting back.

-Tweet: Goldsbie Matlow's having a private conversation with Mammoliti; I wonder if he's expressing feelings of betrayal, disappointment, or disillusionment.

4:03pm Raymond Cho speaks. Now says he will NOT support referral. (Guess Mammoliti lost his support by being bitchy)

4:04pm Gord Perks speaks.Childcare is in crisis.and people want openess, transparency and accountability. "The Mayor's staff is there to help the Mayor, not my constituents"

4:06pm Janet Davis says she will support Mihevc's detailed amendment. It is important that itcome before Community and Recreation Committeee, not just the Mayor or Executive.

4:09pm Paula Fletcher will support Mihevc's motion and to referral. Having Mayor stamp on it gives weight, but wont support it if the reporting is not fair and open.

4:10pm Mike del Grande speaks. Complains not using same actions as with previous Mayor. We haven't given the Mayor a chance. Says this is a NO CONFIDENCE matter. Raises the stakes on the vote. Asks Council if you don't want this Mayor, who do you want?

4:13pm Mike Grimes tries to amend motion to have the matterreferred to the Executive, not the Mayor. After spme confusion it is allowed.

4:14pm Mammoliti says it is not in order to move it to the Executive. Speaker says yes it is.

4:15pm Joe Mihevc confirms his motion amendment still stands. Yes.

4:15pm Ron Moeser wants to see the amendments first (They are on screen) Ready for votes:

First passes 31-5

Part 4 carries 34-3

Part 5 carries 34-5

--- Wow They flash those votes so wuick you cannot follow them ---

Part 6 carries 34-5 (nos are del Grande, Holyday and other righties)

Part 7 carries 37-2

4:22pm Motion?  : Lost 19-20. Ana Bailao voted NO with her right wing friends.

Goes to Mark Grimes motion to refer to Executive Committee Carries 34-5

Main motion referral passes 34-5 ANA BAILAO voted YES but with Mihevc's detailed amendments.

4:27pm Reall silliness. Mike del Grande moves that the CD 1.7 Ice Infrastruture Task Force item be referred to the Mayor. Gives Shelley Carroll a chance to pin him down on what that means. It 'should' be reported back. Questions from Janet Davis, and a motion in the making.

4:30pm Mammoliti waxing on about what a great sports guys Mayor Rob Ford is.

4:33pm Josh Matlow upset that everything is being referred to the Mayor's office. "If we're going to do that with everything, let's all just go home." Visibly disillusioned/

4:35pm John Parker supports the Mayor.... big surprise.

4:37pm Ron Moeser asks if it would be legal to refer this to Councillor Grimes office?... that was a joke, right? yuck.... Says he's like Grimes involved.

4:39pm Joe Mihevc motion to amend motion to include details of what was already done - yet again. Reminds people long term practice is that items that fall within a particular committee is where it should stay. Says we need ice rinks, but we also need soccer fields. Second fastest growing sport is cricket. Need more pitches. Says item should stay with Community Development and Recreation.

4:41pm Shelley Carroll speaks. Says we might as well refer everything like this to the Executive Committeee. We all see the writing on the wall here.

4:42pm Call for the vote: defeated. People still want to talk.

4:43pm Michael Thompson speaks. Adds in that the GHTL be involved as well. Defends the Mayor. He should get same respect the other mayor's got. This mayor is going to be different. He will bring things back.

4:45pm Shelley Carroll speaks - areyou not concerned the user worried about fees sitting at same table as developers. .... Nunziata interrupts and almost succeeds in shutting Carroll up.

---- This partisan BS is really nasty! Hear Councillor Carroll's mike was one and was heard saying "She does that every single time" Nunziata says be careful what you say when your mike is on....
It used to be that Michael Thompson was routinely cutoff like that by lefty Millerite Speaker Sandra Bussin.

They REALLY, really need some neutrality in a speaker! Yikes.

4:51pm Time to vote?

Mihevc's detailed amendments vote: carries 34-2

Last part - report to community development: Lost 16-21 (Ana voted Yes)

Shelley Carroll's, refer to Executive: carries 34-2

delGrande to include GTHL Carried 31-6

Main Motion, refer to Mayor's office as amended: Caries 32-4

Note: Ana Bailao sits just left of Michael Thompson and strangely always seems to vote exactly as he does. More proof where her  loyalties lie: right, conservative.

5:00pm Rather boring item: GM1.10 Purchase Order Amendment for the Over-Expenditure of Contract No.'s 47013460, 47014182 and 47015236 and the Sole Source Contract for the Purchase and Maintenance of Resident Lift Systems (Ward All) ... Mike del Grande asking questions of staff.feeling zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz watching this.

Meanwhile, some other people's tweets I missed:
Adam C-F Mammoliti, who sat in the Rae government and subsequently joined the Liberals, tells #TOCouncil he's never changed his vote in 20 years
Shelley Carroll Madam Speaker quick to criticize but completely off base as to what is being spoken of
rbmorra @KenWood_ward18 Cast of usual #TOCouncil commentators/hangers-on ain't so hot either.
Kyle A Del Grande needs to cheer up. I don't think being in council agrees with him. He should retire to his cave and be a grump there.
Kyle A Kudos to those who cover city hall. If I had to watch this sh*t for a living I would b an alcoholic or worse
City Slikr Cllr. Del Grande can't even muster up the pretense of listening to staff responses, can he
City Slikr Cllr. Del Grande's default position whenever he's challenged is, we are not awash in money here

5:36pm Gord Perks asking questions of a very bored Mike del Grande. Funny.... Perks in bright Red shirt and vest, del Grande in pale blue. Perks questioning why del Grande takes staff advice on some things not others. Mike: "Well maybe it should remain a mystery for you"... question about $ being spent on training and maintenance.

5:39pm Paula Fletcher asking health and safety questions. Concerns about lack of standardization for lift equipment causing problems with emergency personnel or home workers.

5:43pm Doug Ford complains that other councillors did not talk to staff and home workers. If you're so worried why don't you go out and talk to them. I did. Basically says: Hey dummies, don't sole source or they could go out of business. Also sole source means suppliers jack prices up because its the city. What's wrong with you - those staff are professionals and can figure it out. Standardization is not an issue.

.... DOUG FORD MADE HIS MAIDEN SPEECH ! Everyone applauds.

5:46pm Janet Davis speaks. Lots of praise for Homes for the Aged professionals.  Then goes on to use her longterm experience in that area to caution about putting at risk health and safety by not standardizing. We already have 3 types of lifts people need to know how they work. Let's listen to the professionals that we need sole source purchasing..... very competent speech

5:50pm Shelley Carroll speaks in support of sole source. Tries to make a motion but Nunziata rules it out of order "I expected that says Carroll"

5:56pm City going in camera (actually means closed session) to talk about confidential items.

Ooops. First, Councillor Ana Bailao has a motion to introduce for liquor licence application for Weston Road  Weird: a motion to add a motion without notice. Carries unanimously 38 to 0.

6:00pm Closed Session Motion: Carries unanimous 38-0
Goldsbie  Rob "when I'm mayor there will be no more in camera meetings!" Ford just voted to take the meeting in camera.

7:15pm CKLN 88.1 Ryerson community radio on air talking about Shelley Carroll with robcer, Carroll to be an on air phone in guest. ? maybe ?

07:20pm City Council getting ready to go back into public session.
7:26pm Back in session. Nunziata reports only debates occurred on confidential items, no motions made.

7:27pm Paul Ainslie makes a motion to keep items they discussed in closed session confidential
7:28pm Vote: carries unanimous 34 in favour.
*Note: Ana Bailao is not in the chamber.

7:30pm Mayor Rob Ford speaks. Wants to ask same questions in public of the Ombudsman that he talked about in private. Nunziata tells him he cannot do that in open session. ... shouldn't Rob know the meaning of confidential by now?

7:32pm Pam McConnell speaks up saying that the next item should be handled. CC 3.4 can be held down and Nunziata will continue to let McConnell handle GM 1.12 vacuum therapy item.needed for Homes for the Aged to be able to have. Required by administrative law, $ comes from OHIP = no cost.
Recorded vote carries 23-10. Ana Bailao still not there.

7:37pm GM 1.10 sole source purchase contract for lifts.... lots more speakers.
Holyday: Lets get the result of the tenders first to see if cost vastly different. Worried about best price.

7:40pm Gord Perks speaks. Lectures council on importance of how to do tenders, like keeping political considerations out of it. Points out the supplier is 1/2 way through a 10 year contract already there... Again, Perks really knows his stuff.... If you waqnt to be fiscally prudent do not vote for del Grande's motion but accept staff recommendations.

7:46pm Pam McConnell speaks. Points out lots of time has passed, there have been mergers.... complains when Nunziata stops listeningto her and chats with Mayor's staff., unsuccessfully. (Really like kindergarten with kids complaining 'somebody made a face at me'... sigh )

7:50pm David Shiner makes amotion for  Holyday. Amendment to have RFP results submitted to govt mgt committee.

Shiner's motion carries 19 to 14. Ana Bailao still not in the chamber.
del Grande's motion fails 16 to 17 about awarding sole source with specific dates.
Main motion carries 22-11.

??? Applause for the Mayor ??? who comes in seconds later on a 1 vote loss.

7:55pm People getting punchy. Rob Moeser releases some quick items. Nunziata being like a school teacher : Just sit down and vote! PG 1.2 carries unanimously.
PG 1.3 vote unanimous 35 in favour. Shelley Carroll just walked in.
PG 1.4 item vote  35 unanimous carried.
3.58 Amendment to Parking on Dundas West released by Moeser who says he was advised no effect on TTC travel. TE3.58
*** ANA's BIG VOTE:  and she's not even there! ????
Carried unanimously anyways.

8:00pm Council recesses until Tuesday morning.......

-Last Tweet: Goldsbie Vincent Crisanti's maiden speech at Council consists of introducing the confirming bylaw for today's proceedings. Sounds about right

end of log.