Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dedication of Ana Bailao seems Promising

Sometimes Little Things Tell You a Lot

Snow Day for councillors?   By JONATHAN JENKINS, City Hall Bureau, Toronto Sun

City council's affordable housing committee has had to scrap the morning session of its scheduled meeting today after only three councillors showed up.

Mark Grimes, Joe Mihevc and Ana Bailao were the only committee members able to slog through the snow Wednesday morning to be on time for the meeting.

After waiting some 20 minutes for the remaining members — including Maria Augimeri, Michelle Berardinetti and Vince Crisanti — to arrive, staff decided to reconvene the meeting after the scheduled lunch break.

Wednesday afternoon's TTC meeting won't be cancelled due to snow.

TTC spokesman Brad Ross confirmed they are still on track to meet at 1 p.m

I have noticed so far that Ana is on time for meetings, and at City Council meetings she is really there and actively listening to other councillors speak. Not at all like Adam Giambrone who would run in now and then to vote with the Miller block, or sat there texting on his blackberry or chatting with others while debates were active.

I hope this trend continues.

Note:  News media were embarrassingly alarming predicting a Groundhog Day Feb 2nd 'SNOWMAGEDDON' or 'SNOWPOCALYPSE', schools closed and police warning people off the roads. Well, this prediction was a big bust. Blizzard? What blizzard?

* Update: Congratulations to Ana Bailao. It Seems she is now CHAIR of the Affordable Housing Committee, with Mark Grimes Etobicoke ward 2 as vice-chair.