Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where Is Ward 18 Constituency Office?

New Councillors Face Obstacles Getting Up to Speed

Since City Council cut office budgets for councillors from $50,450 down to $30,000 I have noticed several innovative councikllors like Gord Perks and Josh Matlow looking into getting the okay to book space at Toronto Public Libraries as a way to be available to their constituents. No more centrally located, disabled access in ward constituency offices?

Look at Adam Giambrone's past expenses (public record) he paid about $800 a month for the Margueretta/College location.

What is Ana Bailao doing?

Online Tool to Follow Votes, Attendance, expenses:

Very nice to see: The public can look at the voting and attendence records of their councillors right HERE
(can also see campaign expenses)

Who Owns Constituency Files?

On another note, I've also heard and now see in the papers (CBC news) that they find literally empty offices with no records of issues dealt with by their predecessors.

I am sure that its not just Kristyn Wong-Tam who has found no help from former councillor Kyle Rae, or Mary Margaret McMahon who has gotten the cold shoulder from Sandra Bussin in the Beaches.

How many think NDPer Adam Giambrone left anything for Liberal Ana Bailao to find in her office?
*Update: rbmorra had tweeted to @Kristynwongtam This is rich when your EA (Kevin Beaulieu) did the same thing for the outgoing ward18 councillor (Adam Giambrone)
... Not sure if this is true as I think Kevin had to resign from being Adam's EA during the election. But I still suspect Adam pulled a Kyle Rae on Ana too.

Such materials should be designated as public records and protected!


Toronto and East York Community Council (includes ward18) will be meeting on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 9:30 am at City Hall. This is where they consider and recommend on truly local issues like:
Parking, closing roads, liquor licences, special exemptions, rezoning, tree removals, etc etc

Whatever they do happens and some things are strongly recommended to city council and get passed.

*** For example, the hot button issue of Dundas Parking will be considered (Item T3.58)

They will also at this meeting decide on who will be on the varios BIA's (Like Spiro, the strip club owner,  for Bloordale Village)

Full details: agendas, committee membership, minutes, decisions can be found HERE

If you have something you want to suggest or bring up, this is the place to do it.

Truly effective democracies have local involvement between elections and not just during a campaign every 4 years.