Thursday, January 27, 2011



June 26-27, 2010

"In its previous investigation, the SIU interviewed eight police officers who witnessed the incident. The officer accused of breaking the man's nose exercised his right and declined to speak to investigators.  The SIU ruled in November that there wasn't enough evidence to lay a charge. "

"The SIU, an arms-length provincial body that probes incidents of death and serious injury involving police, previously re-opened investigations into the case of Adam Nobody and Dorian Barton, two other men who were injured at the G20. "

Police seem to be a band of brothers that hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil - as long as it involves one of their own.

Chief Bill Blair

By the way, if you're looking for evidence, a simple Google image search on "G20 Toronto" will give you About 502,000 results.... Not counting YouTube videos, where the same search parameters yield   
About 5,370 results. ( Check out This Ain't Canada right now )

Add to this the 77 police surveillance cameras installed specifically for the G20 (link) and the multitude of private businesses and traffic cameras throughout the city. There is also a Facebook page with about 60,000 members and links to reams of information.

And the SIU couldn't find enough evidence?  Really?

The civil and charter rights abuses that occurred last June, 2010 were horrendous.
Will Toronto City Council do anything about it to ensure it never happens again?

* Update: In a related matter that media seems to have missed,  the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee on January 26, 2011 has delegated authority to regulate parades and issue permits to Toronto Police Services Board. Imagine wanting to protest against the police and having to get police permission to do so....

* Update: G20 Hangover Lingers  "Instead of a lingering ache, it’s become an open, oozing wound....Public mistrust of our police is now a major issue for the police services board and Chief Bill Blair...We’re told the officer who headed up the Integrated Security Unit, RCMP Chief Supt. Alphonse McNeil, has been recommended for the Governor General’s Officer of the Order of Merit award, specifically for his work on the G20. Now, that’s a farce." Police need to earn back the trust of this city.