Saturday, November 27, 2010

What's New (and old) at City Hall

Both Kevin and Ana Now At City Hall

Tweet tells us: TOCouncil News: @ joins @ as her executive assistant on Dec 1.

Seems the party machines take care of their own, don't they?
Actually, it makes sense that somebody would snap up Kevin given his insider knowledge at council and his proven discretion and loyalty. Anyone that can be loyal to a guy like Giambrone, should be loyal to anyone.

The media are starting to do cutesy stories about the new council. The Star did a story asking councillors to bring what will represents them for the next term:  Symbols  Ana Bailao brought a picture of her grandmother, sayiung she told her "It's the community that raises you is the community you praise".

... hmmm? Does that mean if you are not Portugese and part of Ana's in-crowd, that you'll be unrepresented at City Hall?

In a previous The Star story, they did a quick intro of Ana Bailao

Inn another story, this time The Toronto Sun, it seems they like Ana: She's Been to the School of Hard Knocks Young at 34, Ana has 'already staffed her office with people from outside city hall'. Is that a wise move? Time will tell.