Monday, November 8, 2010

Sour Grapes by Ex-Councillors

If They Quit Early, Why Should They Be Paid ?

Both Adam Giambrone's constituency office at 1232 College Street and his City Hall office are empty and nobody's there. I guess Adam must be busy spending the last of his office budget on French lessons and whatever else so he can ding the taxpayers for all he can get.

Update: Nov 8 Adam's seldom used constituency office is now a discount store

No wonder associating himself with Kevin Beaulieu cost Kevin the election. Giambrone shows his continuing lack of integrity and shafts his constituents yet again!

The newly elected councillors do not take office until December 1st. Yet so many of those not re-elected are bailing out early and leaving their wards essentially unrepresented. Wouldn't it be nice if someone started a class action suit against them for not showing up for work?

sigh.... yet another reason why taxpayers voted in Rob Ford.
Update: Nov 9 - And here's another reason (Developers love Ford?)
Still up on Queen West at Triller... think he'll get fined?