Saturday, January 15, 2011

Is Doug Ford Mayor's Pit Bull?

Shades of Smitherman and McGuinty

Councillor Doug Ford (the Mayor's some say smarter brother who took over ward 2) has been behind the scenes up until recently and now has gone on the attack. Kind of like what George Smitherman used to do for the McGuinty Liberal provincial government. Will we have to come up with a new nickname aka "Furious George" for brother Doug? Maybe "Doug the Destroyer" ? The 45 year old millionaire brother of Mayor Ford has been described as his 'go to guy' often.

Doug Ford Loses Cool Over Budget Grandstanding lashing out at left wing pinkos in public.
Doug Ford Targets Downtown Grants inflaming suburbia vs downtown war. Councillor Carroll calls him "Chicago Doug" because he has a home there and is a big fan of prioivatizing government services.
Councillors Spar in Committee Meeting National Post story.
Doug Ford Campaign Website
Doug Wanted Door to Mayor's Office?
A scary quote by Doug from Oct 22nd just before the election: link
"Up here we call this Ford Country.Every single day I knock on doors and I tell Rob, they know you, they love you. Rob could commit murder on the steps of City Hall and they would still vote for him".

Finding Something to Complain About

It's not just the right wing rednecks that are saying stupid things. Lefty Councillor Adam Vaughan begins to screw up the upcoming police union negotiations by saying Cop Union Holds All the Cards. After the police cut their budgetat request of Fordite councillors, Vaughan (who perhaps is still miffed at beingturfed off the Police Services Board) sticks his nose in to say that because there will be fewer cops, the union "have you over a barrel" and will successfullydemand and get big retention pay for officers who would otherwise retire. Definitely NOT  a smart thing to stir the pot for any councillor!