Monday, October 18, 2010

WHO FUNDS WHO in Ward 18


Back on September 29, 2010 during a live TV debate broadcast by Rogers Cable 10, "The Local Campaign", a caller asked for candidates to reveal their donor lists one week before election day.

Although this was prompted by caller Scott Dobson's complaint that Liberal Ana Bailao's past donors raised questions (published on Junction Triangle residents' website: ) that Ms Bailao was indebted to the powerful construction industry lobby, primarily from outside the ward, the debate host, Dale Goldhawk extended the question to all the candidates. Unanimously, we all agreed to reveal our donor lists one week prior to election day.

Well... voting day is a week away now, so here is the information promised by your candidates:
Note: Final reports will show individual candidate filing fee of $100 each, not included below.
The Maximum Expense Limit for any candidate is

$ 28,747.30 for running in ward 18 (city bases on number of eligible voters x x cents)

* KEN WOOD, residing at 355 Lansdowne Avenue in ward18: Dan McAran (Toronto); Sam Galati (Toronto); George Lee (Toronto); Linda Lamb (Ottawa - my sister) and Ken Wood (Toronto). As I said on in the debates, I am running a "Poor Person's Campaign" and do not have big party machine backing - or favours to repay. I am as independent as I can be. My money raised amounts to less than $1,000.
In addition, I promised to say who has my support for the mayoral race: I voted in the Advance Poll yesterday for: HIMY SYED - the why is explained in a previous post

* NHA LE, residing at 23 Sullivan Street in ward 20: Said at the last Oct 14 debate that he has accepted no monies from anyone else and is completely financing his campaign himself. No amounts divulged.

* ANA BAILAO, residing? at 9 Southview Avenue in ward 18 (parents' home?): posted on her website at 9pm Mon Oct 18: Home page has a clear button saying "Donor Disclosure" on main website. List shows name (no location) and amounts given. 35 people gave the maximum allowable $750 donation, 1= $650; 1 = $550; 32 = $500; 2= $350; 20= $300; 8= $250; 5 = $150; 18 = $100; 1 = $80; 1 = $75; 7 = $50; 1 = $40; 1 = $30; 4 = $25; 1 = $20.
TOTAL = $ 56,395 (feel free to check my figures on Ana's website)

* KEVIN BEAULIEU, residing at 593 Gladstone Avenue in ward18: Posted on his website at 9:40pm: Click to see list of those who contributed $100 or more. No amounts divulged, but Kevin says the list of 98 people (no locations given) represents 92% of those who donated to the campaign. Message is that he also has another 8% who gave less than $100.

* DOUG CARROLL, residing at 46 Boustead Avenue in ward14 (very close): Sent email at 11:32am Oct 19 (one day late): " Hi folks. I have no campaign donors. My few expenses were paid out-of-pocket - about $250. I'll post details on my site later today"

? FRANK de JONG, residing at 23 St. Helen's Avenue in ward 18: Broken promise, no list of donors released.

? ABDIRAZAK ELMI, residing at 275 Shuter Street in ward28 (east of Yonge): Broken promise, no list of donors released.

* JOE MacDONALD, residing at 34 Pauline Avenue in ward18: Released list at 12:19pm Oct 19 (one day late): Link here Lists 46 people on main home page, including Howard Hampton. (no locations given) No amounts divulged.

* MOHAMMED MUHIT, residing at 667 Brock in ward 18: (note - was not at any debates and made no promise to reveal list of donors)

* KIRK RUSSELL, residing at 34 Edna in ward 14? (just other side of CN tracks): Posted on his website at 9:49pm: No amounts divulged, but shows a list of 28 donors (no locations given).

* JOANNA TELIATNIK, residing at 11 Michael Power Place in ward 5 (near Kipling and 401) - (note: was not at any debates and made no promise to reveal list of donors)

* HEMA VYAS, residing at 54 Alhambra in ward 14 (other side of Roncesvalles): Advised at 10:31pm she had posted on website since this afternoon: Can click to see who has donated $100 or more to her campaign = 33 people (no locations given) and No Amounts Divulged.


Wondering when, where and IF candidates will publish donor lists and keep their public promises..... It's good for Davenport voters to know who backs the candidates, because...