Saturday, October 9, 2010



About 10:30am I was having coffee at Coffee Time with some people who care about animal issues and wanting to do something to remedy the cat overpopulation problems both here and in Hamilton. We were trying to come up with humane solutions to find homes for abandoned animals, and talking about the need for mandatory spay-neuter of animals to prevent suffering, when.... THIS GUY:

(Red and white, Border Collie mix about 2 years old) goes charging down the middle of Bloor headed east, looking scared and lost. No owner in sight. Thanks to the sharp eyes of Terry and George, we were able to rescue him.

After a 4 block chase one way and then the other, we were finally able to grab him, pull him over to the sidewalk in front of the Bloordale Pantry (great food by the way) and kept him safe.

I called 311 and was impressed with their response. Within 25 minutes or so an Animal Services officer took him into custody. No collar or tag, not neutered and probably not microchipped (only sure way to protect your animals, cat or dog). He will be held pending the owner being contacted or looking for him at Toronto Animal Services. *

Note: This was not an abused dog and likely not an irresponsible owner as he was very healthy and looked well cared for. Someone said he is owned by someone in the area (I will put up posters).

I want to thank the many people who tried to help catch him (including two younbg guys who were faster than I was). You all made my day.

Guess it was just one of those "the universe puts you somewhere you're meant to be to do some good" things..... Ken Wood's Scorecard: Saved several trees, Saved one dog... (and other stuff) If nothing else happens, I can live with that.

* IF THIS IS YOUR DOG: He is being kept safe at: City of Toronto Animal Services SOUTH Region - Call 416 338 6668 ID #A568294