Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tale of 2 Rookie Councillors - One on the right track, one not

First Impressions for New Councillors Tell All

Rookie #1: ANA BAILAO tackles real issues Councillor Wants Investigation in Alleged TTC Beating
Kudos and thanks you to Ana for paying attention to what's happening and picking out the important issue that needs addressing. Even while it appeared the city (it's the TTC) was just going to sweep the incident under the carpet and ignore it, Ana wrote TTC General Manager Gary Webster demanding answers. I hope she pursues this with full vigour, as it seems our city police dropped the ball as well by not investigating. The future of TTC special constables is in doubt as they are not trained as well as police in the use of force and, in my view, as just glorified security guards who are not properly supervised.

Rookie #2: MIKE LAYTON (yes, that Layton - son of Jack and Olivia) in Joe Pantalone's old ward 19 wants to take up valuable council time with a motion to demand MacLean's magazine apoligize for it's "too asian" story. Here is the motion to be considered December 16 And here is A Globe and Mail story and an Opinion Piece I agree with. Mike Layton is a councillor who just doesn't get it and I feel sorry for the constituents in his ward if this is his big starting priority. With all the haste to get control of the budget and very limited time, THIS is his big thing?

***Side note: Like most Canadians, I respect his father, Jack Layton, who did stellar service both as a Toronto councillor here and in the federal parliamnent. However, I heard Mike at a debate and he looked lost amongst the other candidates who could speak intelligently about real issues. So sad that the guy gets elected just because of a name, yet no substance.

***Another side note: Guess who seconded his motion? Rookie councillor Kyrstyn Wong-Tam. I hope its just the courtesy support councillors tend to offer one another, and that she is not off track too.

Here is 12 year old Mike Layton back in 1991 when dad Jack lost the Mayoral race

So now rookie councillor Mike is 31, dad Jack is 60. You'd think Mike would have learned some savvy from old dad by now.

***Update: And here is an old, veteran councillor we all know and ...well..
Retiring Councillor Dings Taxpayers for Xmas Cards  Guess who?