Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First City Council Meeting Results Dec 8, 2010

Toronto City Council Lineup Now Set for 2010-2014

.....You can see all the appointments and official city minutes HERE


Ward 18 Davenport (south) City Councillor is Ana Bailao

Member of the Planning and Growth Committee (Peter Milczyn is Chair):
Other members are Adam Vaughan, Karen Stintz, Frank Di Girgio, Gary Crawford
JOB: To focus on urban form, with a mandate to monitor and make recommendations on planning, growth and development of the city.

Member of the Affordable Housing Committee (Chair to be elected by members)
* Special Note: Ana Bailao was Mayor Rob Ford's special designate)
Other members: Joe Mihevc, Mark Grimes, Vincent Crisanti, Miuchelle Berardinetti, Maria Augimeri
JOB: To focus on affordable housing policies, acquiring land for affordable housing, providing funding and financing development fee and charge waivers and property tax reductions or waivers for affordable housing projects. Propose legislation to provincial and federal governments. In charge of strategic planning for Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC)  and measuring effectiveness of Affordable Housing Office projects.

Toronto and East York Community Council: (Chair is Gord Perks)
Ana Bailao, Janet Davis, Paula Fletcher, Mary Fragedakis, Mike Layton, Josh Matlow, Pam McConnell, Mary-Margaret McMahon, Joe Mihevc, Adam Vaughan, Krystyn Wong-Tam
JOB: In the designated georgraphic area, make recommendations on local planning and development, as well as local matters including traffic plans and parking regulations. Community Councils report to full City Council, but they have final decision-making power on certain items like fence bylaw exemptions, and appointements to local boards and BIA's.
Note: There are 4 geographic areas that make up the community councils: Etobicoke-York; North York; Scarborough and Toronto-East York.
... First meeting Toronto-East York was Decembert 8, 2010 Official Minutes Here
...Second meeting Official Decisions Here
Next Meeting is: January 18, 2011

Exhibition Place Board of Governors  (term up to December 31, 2012)
Mark Grimes (Mayor's designate), Ana Bailao, Chin Lee, Gord Perks, Gloria Lindsay-Luby
+ 4 citizens to be chosen, +4 members of CNEA

Toronto Parking Authority  (term up to December 31, 2012)
Ana Bailao, Giorgio Mammoliti + 5 citizens to be chosen

Bloorcourt Village BIA
Ana Bailao, Mike Layton + 12 citizens to be named

Bloortdale Village BIA
Ana Bailao, + 7 citizens to be named

College Promenade BIA
Ana Bailao, Mike Layton,  + 9 citizens to be named

Dovercourt Village BIA
Ana Bailao, Mike Layton, + 7 citizens to be named

Dundas-West BIA
Ana Bailao, + 15 citizens to be named

Little Portugal BIA  (formerly called Dundas-Ossington BIA)
Ana Bailao, Mike Layton, +12 citizens to be named

West Queen BIA
Ana Bailao, Mike Layton, + 17 citizens to be named

McCormick Playground Arena Board
Ana Bailao, Cesar Palacio, +9 citizens to be named

Artscape Toronto
Ana Bailao, Mike Layton

Canadian National Exhibition Association (CNEA), Municipal Section
Ana Bailao, +15 other Councillors + Mayor
(NOT the Board of Directors group)

Toronto Arts Council
Ana Bailao, Shelley Carroll, Gary Crawford, John Filion, Mary-Margret Fragedakis + citizens

Other Council Votes of Note:  December 8 first real Council Meeting Results

Ana voted NO to add Glen de Baermaeker to Toronto Zoo Board (Motion lost 245-21)
Ana voted YES to put Shelley Carroll on Audit Committe in place of Ron Moeser (Carried 24-21)
Ana voted NO to add John Filion to Planning and Growth Committee (Motion lost 28-17)
Ana voted YES to defer consideration of adding Joe Mihevc to TTC Committee to dec16 meeting (Motion carried 26-19)
Ana voted YES to replace Michael Thompson with Adam Vaughan and to replace Pam McConnell and Frank Di Giorgio with Chin Lee and Frances Nunziata on the Police Services Board (Motion carried 29-16)
Ana voted YES to adopt motion as amended (Carried 39-6) a formaility
Ana voted YES on motion for another councillor Ron Moeser to withdraw motion calling for meal breaks (Carried 45-0)
Ana voted NO to Krystyn Wong-Tam's motion to defer meeting schedule decision and allow time for budget consultation to consult with local communities (Motion lost 23-22) *** CLOSE VOTE ***
Ana voted yes to allow Gord Perks to withdraw his motion that would have allowed public input at start of City Council meetings (Motion carried 44-1)
....Then it got messy, with Ana joining in successful YES vote to refer to Executive Committee Adam Vaughan's motion to add a day for public input to meetings...


* ANA BAILAO was on the winning side of all the votes,
* City Councillors as a whole were unanimous in approving all of Mayor Rob Ford's choices.

...Interesting Notes:
* Having watched all of the December 8 meeting on Rogers TV  I noticed that pretty much the only Councillors who stood up and spoke in any debate were the 2/3 of City Cuncil that are returning veterans. (Exception: Josh Matlow spoke well)... still waiting for Ana'a inaugural speech...

* The 'unofficial opposition" to Mayor Ford's agenda seems to be led by Adam Vaughan, Gord Perks, Shelley Carroll and Janet Davis. We can look forward to these people probably voting no on all of Ford's agendas.. (Everyone else seems mollified and pacified by their committee appointments and are so far on the Ford agenda bandwagon)