Thursday, October 14, 2010

Last Ward18 Debate and - Another Scandal ?

"Scandal to Handle" This Time Belongs to Kevin Beaulieu ?

Just got home from a spiritied, sometimes vicious debate and find this tidbit on YouTube Titled Kevin Beaulieu Campaign: Caught Red-Handed shows 42 seconds of what looks like very young Kevin supporters getting caught taking other candidates literature as they drop their own?

Unverified - you be the judge. ( rbmorra on Twitter posted the link. )

It's got to be hard when the two media-chosen frontrunners have such (seemingly) immature youth doing their utmost to help their star win. (Ana was in trouble for her team getting caught putting up election signs too early). I guess hero/heroine worship can go too far...

72 Perth Church of the Firstborn Debate Held tonight

Too tired right now, will post more tomorrow..

*Update: Covered by Toronto Observer: who seem to think only 4 candidates are running - there are 12. (sigh..)

10 Candidates who attended: Abdirazak Elmi; Ana Bailao; Doug Carroll; Frank de Jong; Hema Vyas; Joe MacDonald; Ken Wood; Kevin Beaulieu; Kirk Russell; Nha Le. (the way they were seated from left to right frfom audience perspective).

Missing and have not attended ANY of the 8 debates held:
Mohammed Muhit; Joanna Teliatnik.

From my recollection, here's the short and sweet:

35 or so audience, Most of the 12 candidates there, Detailed audience questions, several bouts of fireworks and passionate accusations and rebuttals, sometimes like a World Wrestling Matchup, a few choice swearwords, people really got to see their choices under fire (some more than others) - covered by various social media types...

ended with most making nice at Zocalos over a brew or coffee.

Surreal in a way but comforting to be reminded every one of the candidates are real people underneath with something to contribute... I'm hopeful for ward18's future with such substance....

*Update: Here's what did NOT happen at the debate.... (maybe we can all learn something from them)
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