Sunday, October 3, 2010

ELECTION SIGNS - Worth it or Not ?


(Not election signs, but infamously ignored)

(Not an election sign either, but it was ignored again!)
.... Then again, maybe the above really are UN-election signs ?

This is the first sign any candidate who registers at city hall sees, almost as fast as the neutral elections people type it in and often before they ever consent to making their info/emails public.... So after former City Councillor Howard Moscoe and his wife gloria pocket the loot from the army of candidates.... City Hall changes the law which now says no election signs except for campaign offices until 12:01am Monday Octover 4, 2010. Anyone wishing to put up signs in public places must pay the city a little front money: $250 - which will be used to fine candidates who put signs in illegal places - or too early.

Some Election Rules: Election signs shall not be illuminated or Attached to Trees.

Election signs are not permitted anywhere on public property other than on...lots of refer subsection this and that ... a whole bunch of picky rules that require tape measures to figure out... signs no larger than (1.2 square meters/12.92 square feet)... must have consent of owner or occupant... No signs within 15 meters of intersection...Take them down in time after election or you get fined. (Thursday Oct 28)

"For candidates, signs should come from engaging the public, getting their support for the candidates platform to improve the city, then the sign goes up indicating a solid voter".... NOT TRUE

...I have been witness to numerous election campaigns where the sign-planter talks to the voter in the language they know they do not speak, using gestures and saying words like 'MUST DO' 'CITY' 'GOVERNMENT' .. and so on, until frustration or confusion kicks in, the sign is planted and that's that. Who knows if the property owner will even vote.
Most signs have a very simple format:

Elect some guy/gal cause I saw his/her name somewhere.....

Let's go get a beer ....

Standard Colour Choices:



  • PROGRESSIVE - Leaning Left- Maybe Falling out of the Boat- NDP

From Calgary, one woman says: "I think the signs are important because I think for the people who aren't as informed it's what they will remember." Another woman: "If a candidate puts effort into their sign they will put effort into everything else."

--- York University Schulich School Of Business professor of marketing Alan Middleton says: "...elections signs do work... As people walk through a neighbourhood or drive through it, they see a lot of signs for that person. It begins to suggest 'oh, they're more popular than I thought so maybe I should take them seriously"

Melanie Dempsey, associate professor of marketing at Ryerson says signs can sway voters undecided... the size may indicate this is a person of quality.

"Experience tells us that there's no corelation between how many signs are up and how many votes you're going to get. I think that a sign on the lawn does not even necessarilymean that the occupoant of that home or residence is even going to support that candidate" Myer Siemiatycki, Ryerson University, an expert on municipal politics told CBC News at 6 TV report (aired Monday, Oct 4

* Update: It seems Ana Bailao is shown to be the only one flouting election laws and pushing the envelope. Many people on Twitter snapped photos of her team erecting signs as early as Sunday evening. Link to story below:

Some complaints too of people being awoken at 2am by hammers and drills putting up the really big signs (Rossi). Best tweet: "If the number of signs up indiciate who will be elected, ReMax will be our next Mayor"
Toronto Star article on campaign signs: "A recent poll showed 25 per cent of Torontonians are not following the election"... "At 12.01 am Monday the race for campaign space began, By the time you read this, the city's streetcorners, sidewalks and shop windows will likely be plastered in these annoying but necessary eyesores."

* Update: Toronto Sun reports in first 24 hours the city received 67 complaints for a variety of reasons. So far no fines have been levied.

*Update: Here's another news story on the E-SIGN BLIGHT