Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Provincial Budget and TTC Troubles

No Vision by the Province : Well, the Liberal McGuinty government trotted out yet another ho-hum budget on Monday that doesn't seem to have much to offer in the way of hope or address the many problems facing us. Our 'Education Premier' of course put in some stuff for that sector, like a plan to increase foreign students (they charge high tuition for that) and lots of promises to make university education more attainable. However, students are disappointed nothing was done to reduce ever increasing high tuition fees. They have a point. The budget was vague on how any more provincial funding of universities and colleges would happen, if at all. Money is a big barrier to getting an education. One weird and potentially costly promise is to try to reduce health care costs by making hospitals compete more against each other for financing. How hospitals get tax money is a terribly complex system and to change it may well mean another e-health fiasco (you can thank George Smitherman for wasting billions of dollars there).

Other than a few bits and pieces, the province continues to ignore: poverty, homelessness, social programs, the deficit, high taxes, and on and on. Mayor Miller tried to say it was good for transit and supporting cities, but that seems wishful thinking to me.

More TTC Scandals : Thanks to The Star, we know that a senior bureaucrat (John Rusio) at the TTC was funnelling $50,000 to his friend/girlfriend? for work that probably didn't need doing (amateur photography). He has been fired and an 'investigation' launched - only after he was outted by the media. What other wastes of tax money is happening there?

The new 'blue ribbon' customer service advisory panel is in trouble before it starts. A York University self-professed poverty student and activist, Krisna Saravanamuttu, is being seen as an unacceptable candidate because of anti-semetic comments and activities ( ).