Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big Surprise by Mayor Miller (city budget)

Big Whoop-Dee-Do! Miller played the media and all of us by saying a 'big announcement' for 9:30 am and 'park your satellite trucks early'. Frenzied speculation about is Miller going to run for Mayor now? Is he going to resign now and hand over the reins to Joe Pantalone? Did he get a job at the United Nations?

Nope. He announces we now have a $100 million surplus in the budget and we can reduce the expected property taxes from 4% to 2.9% and they can do a better job with a two year operating budget. The media is upset at having been taken in, expecting some kind of monumental news.

Radio commentators are speculating that Miller is trying to promote Shelley Carroll for a mayor run by saying we suddenly have a great budget. Maybe.

What strikes me as plainy scary is that after doom and gloom they 'suddenly' find so much extra money. To find a four times better surplus just now seems to be proof of poor budget money management. Where else could they have saved?