Monday, August 8, 2011

Saving Money for Toronto

Top Ten Ideas to Save Toronto Money:

10. Moratorium on new construction, let our infrastructure catch up to our desire for bigger residential tax base

9. Permit more city staff to work from home, flex hours etc. Technology connects us already

8. Reduce road infrastructure to encourage less car usage, eg. Make Yonge street pedestrian concourse only

7. Road tolls, the time has come!

6. Tax rebate to anyone who gets rid of their car and commits to taking public transit, save on infrastructure

5. City needs to refuse to accept downloaded provincial responsibility programs like social assistance
4. Index police force size to crime rate, stop making TO cops best paid in Canada mantra

3. Close metro zoo - its a money loser and unneeded in today's world

2. Form parksrec 'BIA's' and get local volunteers to help maintain park programs

1. Trim bloated ranks of TTC management