Wednesday, June 1, 2011

City Discourages Puppy Mills

We Don't Want You Here in the GTA

No Full On Pet Sale Ban of cats, dogs in retail stores....

But a lot of tighter restrictions and promised upgraded city monitoring of retail stores to ensure the animals they offer for sale have not snuck in the back door from factory-farm-breeders within Canada and crossing the border. (See the Wendy Mesley CBC Marketplace video HERE "How much do you know about that puppy in the window")

Kudos and thanks to the efforts of Mr Dean Maher, (Link ) who led the charge on this initiative, having started the ball rolling almost a year ago by his detailed and well-researched proposal.

Tail wags and meows from the animals whose concerns were ably represented in the form of Councillor Glenn de Baeremaeker, (link)  who not only focussed the media moment by bringing in one of the puppies from Toronto Animals Services, (" He showed off a beautiful basset hound named Betsy"), but also ensured significant amendments were made to the otherwise watered down city staff report.

Should the Licensing and Standards Committee recommendations be accepted by the full City Council, when you buy an animal (cat,dog) from a retail store in the GTA they will now come from one of 4 places:
Toronto Animal Services, Humane Societies, Legitimate Shelters/Rescues or Licenced Certified Breeders.
No more will people learn much later after horrendous vet bills that the animals had significant health problems or genetic defects.

There was one deputant of the 8 or so that showed up who gave a very moving story of how after being promised a healthy animal with a clear lineage and history, actually had come from a puppy mill factory farm, costing her over $4200 in vet bills for an animal with ongoing prtoblems. Story link

This is but a small, yet significant step, towards valuing animals as sentient beings and companions rather than a property product.

Even the pet store owners and their 'better business' group are okay with the recommendations.

A good day for animal lovers to feel optimistic!  City council will vote on the tighter rules in June.

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