Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Of the 12 registered candidates, the following 9 showed up for the 8PM Wed Sept 29 debate:

Bailao, Ana
Beaulieu, Kevin
Carroll, Doug
de Jong, Frank
Le, Nha
MacDonald, Joe
Russell, Kirk
Vyas, Hema
Wood, Ken

Elmi, Abdirazak and Muhit, Mohammed and Teliatnik, Joanna did not attend.

Being given only 90 seconds for an introduction and 30 seconds for a close makes it pretty hard for a candidate to get all their platform in - but most did an admirable job.

Dale Goldhawk, the moderator, was his usual affable self - yet kept everyone on point.

Call in questions were about:

  • Lack of consultation in the ward by 'soon-to-be-former' incumbent Adam Giambrone, who was criticized for poor judgement and his related effect on his former campaign manager, executive assistant and current candidate Kevin Beaulieu. Some real fireworks here - and a coincidence? *

  • Ana Bailao's ties to the developers and support from outside the ward plus a demand for her to reveal donor list one week before the election was extended by Mr Goldhawk to everyone who promised a big unanimous YES.

  • What will candidates do about development in the ward, Dundas West parking mentioned

  • Who do each of the candidates support for Mayor. 4 answered Joe Pantalone, many avoided answering and I (Ken Wood) promised to post it on my website one week before the election. As Dale noted, it was a fair question for voters to ask.

In responding to questions, Joe MacDonald managed to do a bit of a pitbull attack on at least three competitors: Ana Bailao, Kevin Beaulieu and Hema Vyas for their ties to parties and the mistakes of the past, and for shopping around for a ward to run in (Hema lives in ward14 he pointed out).

I hope a lot of ward 18 voters tuned in because it was a great (if too short) one stop shopping for city councillor. Weblink for the show: If you are a Rogers subscriber you can see it online.

I may post more as I remember it and hope someone has live-streamed it or taped it)

* Coincidentally (Adam) Giambrone criticized for $15,000 TTC Promo Video as waste of taxpayers' money for self-aggrandizing: Video is here: This is the Toronto Sun article:

This raise two important questions:

1. "The $15,000 for the report and video - which was written with TTC staff input but generated by the chairman's office (Giambrone) - will come out of "various councillors' budgets" ? ... Which councillors? - the left wing Millerites? Why should it be out of councillors' local ward budgets? And why DOES this out of the ordinary report prominently figure Mr. Giambrone? - building name recognition for what?

2. "The councillor ... brushed off suggestions he was fact-checking the current mayoral candidates"... What give Mr Giambrone the right to in my view so blatantly campaign for Mr Pantalone's view of the TTC using city taxpayers' money?