Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bloordale Press First Issue

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Thank you  to the newly launched local community newspaper, THE BLOORDALE PRESS, and chief editor, Gurpreet Ghag, for doing such a fair story on me for their paper. Were this a city election, no one could complain about inappropriate advertising! ...  since the issue came out one day after I was successful at being elected to the board of directors for The Toronto Humane Society (a volunteer, unpaid position in the not for profit charity).

I wish this monthly local newspaper every success and welcome them to my neighbourhood!

I urge everyone in ward 18 Davenport, particularly businesses, to support them.

Good luck to all involved.

PS: The only inccuracy in the article I discovered was the statement, "THS members who live within a six kilometre radius of 11 River Street".  It is actually 60 (sixty) kilometers radius that is the requirement for membership in the Toronto Humane Society.  Toronto Humane Society website

Wonderful mix of articles covered (besides me - hey I am not egotistical, really!) such as:

* Story on new federal MP Andrew Cash (NDP)
* 243 Perth avnue controversy over development plans (historic Church)
* Dufferin Grove clothing swap
* Community consultations on new park (90 Lisgar Street)
* Review of May Works at the Free Gallery
* Coverage of Janes Walk
* Review of The Ortolan at 1211 Bloor St W
* Story on local city Councillor Ana Bailao's expense report
* Review of the Lansdowne Cone
* Hockey Night in Bloordale
* Classified ads section

Pick up the free paper anywhere in Bloordale! (lots at the Lansdowne Cone)